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    Army- Branch news for MS4

    Yes, this was his first choice.
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    Army- Branch news for MS4

    My son is a senior and will be commissioning in May. He found out today that he will be getting his first choice- Military Intelligence, detailed to Armor. He can go into Intel when he is Captain eligible. Any other seniors getting their branch?
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    Cadet candidate allegedly targeted by racism found responsible for act

    The victims of the crime were both the unknowing minority cadets, but more so, the white cadets who were blamed for a crime that did NOT exist. All the white cadets had a pall thrown over them over this farce, and the USAFA command took the bait. Shame on them. And BS that the CORRECT news has...
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    Cadet candidate allegedly targeted by racism found responsible for act

    It wasn't a hate crime, towards his own group, but a hoax and a hate crime against white cadets who bore the brunt of the blame for this. It was a coverup by the cadet to deflect other trouble the cadet was in. What bugs me most is all the media hoopla, orchestrated by the USAFA itself, BEFORE...
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    Cadet candidate allegedly targeted by racism found responsible for act

    Nothing like being berated by your commander for the actions of others, and worse- based on a hoax from a pretend victim.
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    AROTC boots

    Thanks for the info. Are AAFES Military Clothing stores likely to have several different types of boots available or do they need to be ordered online? I'd prefer he try them on before buying. Ft. Sheridan is the only Army post within a reasonable distance and I'm not sure what they'll have...
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    AROTC boots

    My son received a 3 year AROTC scholarship and will be leaving for school next month and starting ROTC. Should he purchase his own boots or go with the issued pair? They will wear sneakers for PT, but wear their boots for the one day they ruck every week. His ROO told him what type of boots...
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    Can you fly in the military without being a talented pilot?

    Good. Admit now that you know nothing about flying and then listen and DO what you're told in training. Some of the worst UPT students are those who "know" how to fly. The dummies do best because they listen and learn.
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    Watch Regulations

    Sorry, Flava Flav, your neck clock is not allowed.
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    Don't give up!

    I know someone with a very similar story. Got in on the third try and became a pilot. He is now a Colonel in the USAFR and the Vice Wing Commander.
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    ROTC Scholarship certificate or award?

    I'm retired AF. My son applied for both Army and Air Force ROTC. I can honestly (and painfully) say that the Army ROTC process was FAR better than the Air Force ROTC process. He also received a nice certificate in a binder from the Army for his scholarship. Very similar to a diploma setup.
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    Difference between TWE and waitlisted?

    I believe it still looks the same as before, but in the correspondence section there is a PDF of a letter telling him he is waitlisted. I really don't know if any of the rest of the page is different. He had 4 portals going, and I saw them only a few times. He kept on them and showed me when...
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    Difference between TWE and waitlisted?

    Great Lakes. Chicago area.
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    Difference between TWE and waitlisted?

    Yes. That's exactly what it is. A PDF of a letter telling him he is on the waitlist.
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    Difference between TWE and waitlisted?

    My son was 3Q until May 2nd. Then his portal changed to waitlist. No TWE as of today. He has already accepted plan B and AROTC scholarship. But the longer this takes the more plan B becomes plan A
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    Difference between TWE and waitlisted?

    For a 3Q candidate, is there any difference between a TWE and being waitlisted? In other words, does West Point just leave you as a waitlisted candidate if you are otherwise qualified? Or does waitlist really still stand a chance?
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    No TWE, No BFE, no portal change????

    Same here. My son is still waiting for news either way.
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    3 Year ROTC Scholarship

    This is SO logical...I'm surprised the Army does it and disappointed that the Air Force doesn't. My son applied to AFA, USMA and both ROTC programs. I was surprised that there was SO many different deadlines and hoops to jump through for all- and that they weren't more uniform- especially...
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    Is there an order of appointments?

    Are appointments given out in a specific order? For example, first for recruited athletes, LOA's, then MOC, and then NWL, ROTC, Presidential, etc? If so, what is the order and where in that process are they now?