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    Proper address to new NROTC members

    Is their title MIDN XXXX Y ZZZZ or what? Just their name? Thanks
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    We found out on the 15th that he was accepted great news. Plan A has worked. Still waiting on USNA but he may now be thinking San Diego is not a bad place to be. Any others headed to SDSU or USD, it looks like the 2 schools share the same NROTC command?
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    Congratulations to you and your son! May I ask how you were notified? We were notified the day after the second board via email and then received regular mail notification about a week later. We did contact NROTC unit via email and they said it isn't unheard of for a scholarship recipient to...
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    My Son was awarded a 4yr NROTC scholarship to his first choice school. :groupwave: He has been accepted to his other schools on his list but his first choice school says they don't do early admissions. Has anyone heard of those who were qualified enough to get a competitive scholarship like...
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    NROTC - Trading Scholarship for Advanced Standing

    When you receive the scholarship notification it talks about similar scenarios. It also strongly recommends that you accept it because you can always turn it down later. My sons was his first choice and not either of the 2 in-state schools. Good luck.
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    NROTC notification

    Me too CPT86. These kids are all amazing whether they get scholarship or not. How proud you all SHOULD be that they even pursue this. I try not to post much here because I didn't want to jinx my son. Great to think hes 2+ months into his senior year and he has something set up. Now for Plan...
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    NROTC notification

    Our Son in PA received notification today of 4Yr scholarship to SDSU his first choice. Still waiting on USNA but to say the least we are proud. Notification email around 1:30 EST
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    Ask a Plebe

    I am the parent of prospective 2020 class, just lurking. You are now a plebe and actually have time to come here and post? I am amazed. I thought every hour was occupied! Good luck to all still waiting for....... Still waiting.
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    LOR's for USNA & NROTC

    Looking at the Academy application it reads as if the Letters of recommendation will be forwarded to the NROTC board. Does anyone know if this is accurate? I want to make sure before I request or don't request additional LOR's. Thanks you