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    The U.S. Armed Forces Blended Retirement System

    nofodad. . . the stipend is earned income. . . Your son should have been filing his taxes each year. My DD has been funding her ROTH while a cadet and plans to use part of her starter loan for it.
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    Resignation from USMA

    Are you leading your decision by emotion? Are you at a "down" point and when feeling better later might regret your decision? People make poor decisions when they are feeling depressed. There's a reason they call it "Yuk" year. It's particularly difficult in the emotions department. I agree with...
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    New book out there...

    He's quite the prolific writer and he " . . . wrote this book to fill a void he discovered when his son applied to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point."
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    CFA Chance me

    If you can afford it, get a personal trainer at a local gym for a couple times a week. Knowledgeable trainers can give you specific exercises to help you improve in the areas you're lacking. It isn't just about throwing the basketball over and over. You need to develop the muscles that perform...
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    Too many classes?

    Smithrm 0368, You haven't mentioned your SAT scores or your ranking in your class. If you need to drop something you should start with a non-weighted class that is not a requirement. To maintain that GPA you'll need to keep your AP classes, all of them. Non-weighted classes at this point just...
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    Marching Band

    Yes, what oldcorpsdad said. Since Marching Band was a Fall activity, Track and Field is a good sport to pursue since it's in the Spring. My DD did Cross Country in the Fall, lettered twice, made for a super hectic Fall being in Marching Band too, but what kid trying to get in to West Point...
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    Marching Band

    If you need leadership still on your app, go after that Drum Major position. My DD was Drum Major for two years at a highly competitive band, division state champs, and had tons of responsibility and leadership practice. It and the paper she wrote about it, was enough to satisfy the leadership...
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    High blood pressure-kinda

    You might have what's called "white coat" syndrome. This is when people don't exhibit high blood pressure, but when they visit the doctor it goes up. Take kinnem's advice and do the dalai lama before going into the office:) Curiously, my doctor said this is usually a pre-cursor to high blood...
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    ACT/SAT Study

    If money is not an issue then I've seen evidence that SAT/ACT tutors can be really helpful. (Results may vary.) Two of my DD's friends who used them dmaxed the tests. We, however, were not made of money and she ground out the work using workbooks from the bookstore as in those you are...
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    Advice needed

    It may be he's thinking he might not get in. Saying he doesn't want to and thinking of "tech" school or "I don't know" could be an escape from the reality of possibly not making it. I say just listen for a couple more days. He might come around on his own. Has he done the writings for the...
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    SAT/ACT Strategy

    Take the test(s) several times. You can send improved scores and West Point will take the best score.
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    Venting about parents on FB

    According to my DD, who's now a cow, Beast was hard but then it was over in no time. Plebe year was really hard. Much worse than Beast. She said that when Beast is over you think "I've made it" and then the real difficulties begin. If you think your child will have "made it" after Beast, think...
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    Venting about parents on FB

    Devil's advocate here. IMHO, helicopter parenting has been around a long time and to think that it's a recent development just ain't so. I'm sure you've all heard about General MacArthur's mom moving to a West Point hotel overlooking the grounds. She supposedly was watching his room with a...
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    Shooter kills 4 Marines in Tennessee

    Heartbreaking news. . . may the outpouring of sympathy help comfort the families in this most difficult time.
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    Test Scores vs. Class Rank

    Thanks, Pima, for the clarification. Also, found this on the FAQs for the Admission Process. Whole candidate score - that by which USMA admissions judges the candidate is made up as follows: 60% academic, 30% leadership and 10% PAE. The 60% academic is comprised of the SAT/ACTs, the candidate's...
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    Test Scores vs. Class Rank

    That can't be right? SAT/ACT and Class Rank make up the whole piece of Academics? That's the first time I've heard that. What about grade point average? National Merit Society? National Honor Society? Class Valedictorian? Don't those add points to the Academic score?
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    What is Life as a cadet like?

    You can go on Youtube and find lots of videos of cadet daily life. Your room is inspected every morning and there are formal inspections that take hours to prepare for every semester. It is incredibly stressful as a Plebe at West Point and sleep is a rare commodity. You'll have laundry duties...
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    Should I apply to USMA?

    You have a very competitive profile, but I didn't see your class ranking listed which is a valuable piece of info. Listing USMA as your first choice isn't going to hurt your chances for your other choices. Just make sure you really want it because, as I said, you are very competitive. In your...
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    R Day advice

    To those who think people were confused about no contact. . . there may have been a few but I honestly think most of the folks out there are probably as bright as the new cadets they produced! They were just hoping to defeat the odds and see their new cadet one last time before leaving! I know...
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    A bit of humor

    Sounds like a good idea to me. Thanks for the laugh to start my Friday!!