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    Worth sending scores again?

    After my Fall Freshmen semester, I believe the Scholars Program sent an invitation to anyone who had over a 3.5 GPA to join. The program is also closely tied to the scholarship and graduate school opportunities programs.
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    Passenger Transport AFSC

    What's the typical (if there is one) career path for getting to fly a C-21A Leerjet, C-37A Gulfstream, etc. for DoD members, politicians, and other important people? Are only cargo/heavy pilots given these opportunities?
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    Foreign Language

    I was scheduled to take Spanish I as a freshmen despite what I thought was relatively good performance on the application placement exam. I went to the Spanish department head and had a conversation with him in Spanish. He then put me in Spanish II. Talking to course directors (not necessarily...
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    The US Air Force Academy: Elite Undergraduate College?

    Dyche brought up a good point about the Academy's propensity to hire graduates in DF and PP. Also, he has a convincing argument about the instructors being "undereducated". I have had a couple instructors who clearly did not know how to teach well, and I could notice some of my classmates...
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    Scholarship usage

    I know a few classmates who came in with an unrestricted scholarship. They just make more money each month than everyone else since they are not paying back as much out of their cadet pay. However, some people look down upon bringing a scholarship here because we're literally get everything...
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    Course Validation

    That is not a definitive list of courses you can validate. From my experience, talking with people in their respective departments is a good way to validate a course if you have an AP/IB/Dual Enrollment transcript with good grades. I took an IB course which allowed me to validate biology and a...
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    AOC Information Release Abilities

    When he said something along the lines of "Make sure to tell your parents", I just responded with a "Yes Sir" since that was really the only appropriate response. I'm not sure what my AOC's intention was, but I do not feel like it was to cover himself from that situation. The loss of civies was...
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    AOC Information Release Abilities

    Recently, I was placed on probation by my squadron leadership. My AOC told me to inform my parents about my probation during a formal meeting (SCRB). It would not have been appropriate for me to respond that I had no intention to tell them; informing my parents would damage our relationship more...
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    New visit message

    The Diversity Visitation Program is a great opportunity! I had a good time when I came out during my senior year of high school. It basically cemented my decision to attend the Academy if I got accepted. You get to see a lot of the Academy and Cadet life unlike Intercollegiate Athlete visits and...
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    ACT Question

    A student's ACT/SAT score is one of the only things that can be easily changed on an application since their GPA, class rank, extracurricular activities, and most other credentials are set in stone. Retaking the ACT is only worth it if a student puts in a daily effort to improve their score over...
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    Accepting Appointment

    I just went through this process last year and would advise against accepting the appointment so early. You are really going to need to push him to finish up and actually try on his other scholarship/college applications because injuries happen. I knew of several people that were disqualified...
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    DVP Program

    The DVP program is definitely a great opportunity! I came on it last year, and it helped me decide if this place was for me. In addition to a bathrobe, bring shower shoes and athletic clothes just in case your cadet wants to do something outdoors-like. I am actually hosting a DVP student and...
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    BCT Squadron Assignments are Posted

    There is a Facebook group with about 60 of us Guts members. We are organizing a pre-BCT get together.
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    Appointee Kits -- June 15th Deadline

    I chose the driving option when filling out the travel options initially, but my plans have changed to air travel. Do I need to inform someone, or do I just wait until I - Day while filling out the travel paperwork? Sent using the Service Academy Forums® mobile app