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  1. rocatlin

    NROTC MO Scholarship

    Did you go through an enlisted recruiter or an Officer Selection Officer? While I've heard that ASVAB has recently been used, more credence is given to SAT or ACT scores as an indicator of your ability to finish out a degree. As Grunt has stated, search for interview advice. I would doubt...
  2. rocatlin

    NROTC and MO

    Rah. FMFM 6-5 back in my day. Redesignated as MCWP-3-11.
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    Naval Aviation

    When you say "Naval Aviator" are you including both the Navy and the Marine Corps side? I ask that because one can contract aviation sophomore year for the Marine Corps in NROTC. My DS did. The Platoon Leader's Class (PLC) program also offers opportunity to contract aviation.
  4. rocatlin

    NROTC to Naval Aviator

    Navy option or Marine option? Marines can contract early for aviator. DS was selected for flight contract during his sophomore year. Actually was almost "voluntold" to due to a shortage of aviators. He is currently in the pipeline at Pensacola. He commissioned in May of 2018...
  5. rocatlin

    What’s next? Still no response from NROTC-MO

    As stated by others, as with my son's case in 2013, proceed with alternate plans -- although it is hoped that those plans were already in motion. Generally speaking recipients are notified early and have been notified by now. One common thread over the years is that those that didn't get the...
  6. rocatlin

    NROTC-MO February Board

    The 2nd board is the larger of the two boards, so there will be more applicants. Generally speaking the results aren't given out until March/April and are dependent upon the recruiting district. I don't know of any published data.
  7. rocatlin

    Navy Marine option

    To add, they are also regional boards for each MC recruiting district.
  8. rocatlin

    NROTC-MO -- No National Scholarships for College Programmers

    The earliest a sideload would be considered is the 2nd semester -- after the staff has had a chance to evaluate a college programmer for a semester. When my son went through the process (if you search, you'd see the long version of the account), he had resubmitted his 4 year national...
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    NROTC-MO -- No National Scholarships for College Programmers

    I did speak with the MOI on Friday during their December commissioning ceremony. He confirmed that the common practice of the unit sending incoming freshman into the 4 year national scholarship process (which will only end up being 3 years) as soon as they hit the door as college programmers...
  10. rocatlin

    NROTC-MO -- No National Scholarships for College Programmers

    This is essentially the case of what happened with my son back in 2014. He immediately resubmitted his MO scholarship application in May. He later joined the unit as a college programmer. He was notified in Dec of his Freshman year that he rec'd the 4 year national scholarship on the first...
  11. rocatlin

    NROTC-MO -- No National Scholarships for College Programmers

    I'll do some checking next Friday on whether the messaging scholarship hold is consistent.
  12. rocatlin

    NROTC-MO -- No National Scholarships for College Programmers

    I'm still skeptical on the no-scholarship thing this year based on the MCO that doesn't specifically call that out. It was a wild ride at the time. Best of luck to your son. Mine is currently at NAS Pensacola. Today was a stressful day there. He was literally walking into the building...
  13. rocatlin

    NROTC-MO -- No National Scholarships for College Programmers

    The MARADMIN 346/19 states this as far as qualifications: 3. Basic eligibility requirements for NROTC Scholarship Applicants: A. Be a U. S. Citizen. B. Be 17 years of age by 1 September of the first year of college and younger than 27 on 31 December of the year in which college graduation...
  14. rocatlin

    NROTC-MO -- No National Scholarships for College Programmers

    That would be a change, then. My son was selected during the early board for the national scholarship during his freshman year of school. He was notified in Dec that he got the scholarship. Behind the scenes, the NROTC unit was working the sideload. Now, he only got to take advantage...
  15. rocatlin

    NROTC-MO -- No National Scholarships for College Programmers

    One nuance is that you can reapply for the 4 year scholarship before setting foot at a university and starting to gather hours beyond 30. As soon as my son didn't get the 4 year scholarship the first round, he reapplied. He also enrolled as a college programmer, so that route was also open.
  16. rocatlin

    Are you allowed to apply for both NROTC and Marine Corps ROTC?

    True that. Best advice: Be sure of what you want ahead of time. If you don't get the scholarship you applied for, go college program and compete for it again as well as for a sideload.
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    NROTC - Marine Option - Selection Board Question

    We are old gems...
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    NROTC textbook reimbursements

    If I remember correctly, I think my son got his after the semester started -- not in time to really be used to purchase books. Yes, it's a stipend, but in practicality it's like a reimbursement. He went cheap or digital for any textbooks he actually had to use.
  19. rocatlin

    Marine Reserves before applying for NROTCMO?

    Just chiming in and reinforcing what all have said -- because I've witnessed young adults take that path--it does nothing to increase your chances of getting a scholarship and as others have implied can actually lower them. Here are a couple of suggestions that will increase scholarship chances...
  20. rocatlin

    Swearing In

    When my son received his scholarship, the swearing in was only done internally with the mids and staff present. It's kinda like being sworn in at MEPS. Sure there are proud parents, but most are just satisfied with a picture or video if someone takes it. As all have stated, commissioning...