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    Crosstown - how was your experience?

    I would see if the daily PT could be done where the student lives. I know of AFROTC units that allow the cross town cadets to PT together. The only commute is for LLAB. But it is harder because you aren't known very well and can't be as involved. It will be harder to earn a scholarship based on...
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    University of Nebraska-Lincoln ROTC

    UNL has Army, Navy and Air Force ROTC programs. DS visited both the AF and Navy programs but opted for another school. With the proximity to Offutt AFB and Strategic Command in Omaha there are some great opportunities to get some great training. Know several students who have had great success...
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    Will Air Force ROTC let me major in economics?

    Economics is not a math degree. Most schools have it in either the business or Social science/sociology departments. Math is a technical degree with increasing mathematical theory and application. The math proponent or economics is relatively simple in comparison. The focus of economics is...
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    Do admissions look at applicants who were not born in the United States differently?

    Not required and expensive but will expedite the process of proving citizenship. Passports expire and there is some anecdotal discussion that the passport office may require a COC to renew a passport.
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    Space Force

    I know there are 2020 AFROTC graduates going to Space Force. My DS said most of the computer science majors from their university went to Space Force. The other IT degrees (cyber ops, networking, etc) not so much. Don't know how this compares nationally but there are definitely some from class...
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    Life Question!!!

    Just a quick note: you stated your plan was to "accept a scholarship." Scholarships are not guaranteed. They are awarded based on performance. Many, perhaps most, AFROTC cadets are not on scholarship. Pilots in the AF have a 10 year active duty requirement. You have 2 very ambitous dreams...
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    ROTC and D1 Track & Field?

    I think you might want to prioritize on your mind which is most important to you. As a distance runner you will very likely be a 3 season athlete (XC, indoor track, outdoor track). That is a major time commitment. ROTC is a big time commitment as well. It seems at times my DS majors in ROTC and...
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    Accident at West Point

    So very sad. Are the summer seminar students on campus or just cadets?
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    USMMA Prep Schools

    USMMA might have changed their process from previous years. My DS is a sponsored prep at NMMI this year. I don't believe USMMA allows the preps to choose their prep school. I think they are assigned from KP with the majority going to NMMI. Again, I could be mistaken and for self-prep students it...
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    Revoke my security clearance, too, Mr. President: Admiral McRaven

    I thought that weight was one of the forbidden topics of conversation.
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    USMMA Prep Schools

    No, it wasn't a full scholarship. He had a couple of scholarships he earned as a senior that he applied to the school (maybe $5000 or $6000 total). He will end up paying about $3000 out of pocket for the year. He didn't apply for any scholarships at NMMI. Frankly, he didn't want to do any more...
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    USMMA Prep Schools

    My son is a sponsored USMMA prep at NMMI. He rec'd his notification last year the second week of April.
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    Very early date to complete nom request...

    I agree with OldRetSWO. I would complete the application by the May 1 deadline and treat it as an opportunity.
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    Chance of Prep?

    DS is currently a sponsored prep at NMMI. USMMA is great because they do have a minimum test score on their website. Currently it is 23 English/24 Math. DS was first asked by the admissions office about prep school this time last year and he said he would definitely take a spot. It wasn't...
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    Well that explains why he never heard about NROTC scholarship

    And, that is really a unfortunate situation for your DS. Things work out for a reason and if he was competitive for a NROTC high school scholarship he should be totally qualified for a collegiate based one. Learn from adversity and move forward. Good luck.
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    Well that explains why he never heard about NROTC scholarship

    I actually thought that was probably what you meant and even included it in my reply at one point before I posted. Great minds...and all that. :)
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    Well that explains why he never heard about NROTC scholarship

    "Complain" might not be the best route for your DS. You want the ROTC counselor to be an advocate for your DS. Don't put them in an adversarial relationship. It probably won't help and might hurt the situation.
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    Still Waiting

    Parent of sponsored prep student at NMMI. DS is waiting for appointment - have no idea what his portal status says and not sure it is relevant as the preps had a little bit of a different process this year. As far as I know, none of the USMMA preps have received their appointments. USMA and...
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    Newbie question about prep schools

    Yes, but... Most preps don't/can't/won't play at prep school. If it is a junior college your son could potentially use one year of collegiate eligibility. He might also risk an injury that could potentially get him tied up in DoDMERB again.
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