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    Anyone hear about something down at USNA?

    Thanks for the "Best and Brightest" tutorial. I am delighted to know that I use the term as originally intended. . . which is usually when my kids do something stupid. They know their communication from Mom will end with #bestandbrightest Just keepin' it real :)
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    USNA application review/DODMERB

    My son had shoulder surgery in the Fall of his senior year for a football injury. He was scheduled for surgery the day before his DODMERB exam so he was "medically disqualified" while he went through the application process. Since we were waiting for him to heal, there really wasn't anything I...
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    Notification of Appointment

    Varies highly by office: USAFA 2017 son: phone call from Congressman. USNA 2021 son: portal flipped over in March with no fanfare and later found out he was principal nom (a couple people told us this after the fact, but who knows) from a retiring senator so the office was basically gone...
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    LTC Heffington's Open Letter

    I always understood this to be one of the missions of the Prep Schools . . . a pathway that "brushes up academics" so a young man or woman could compete when they arrived to a SA. Is that not true? (Honest question - it may just be my assumption). There's helping people meet the standards and...
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    Looking for advice on interviews.

    Let me also add that I have three sons, and the one who really wants to go to medical school is at a civilian university. I would IN NO WAY dissuade your grandson since he sounds like an excellent young man who will make thoughtful choices. The comment I made to my son was, "if you don't get...
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    Didn't get into SS... chances?

    Oldest son got into USNA SS, but was rejected for USAFA SS. Received USAFA appointment and wait-listed at USNA (USAFA 2017 grad). Youngest son applied to zero SSs and is a USNA appointee. So, no, I don't think it matters. . . but I don't have any "inside information," just my own experience.
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    A different perspective as you prepare for Induction Day

    What a great posts, as well as the ones to follow. Truly, none of us know how it will go until "game time." Thank you for sharing.
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    A Parent's Guide to Year One at USAFA

    If I may tell a little story on myself (mom here). . . During BCT blackout I busied myself learning every little thing I could about how I could help my son. I scoured WebGuy, I read every FB Parents page post, and I became particularly obsessed with 1) sending him a robust first aid kit and...
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    Still waiting on a LOA or Rejection

    I'll let someone more qualified answer, but probably. It's hard to believe they would offer both, but a Falcon Scholarship essentially means it is yours to lose and you are just going to have redshirt year. That's a big congratulations in my book!
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    For Those Awaiting an Appointment/TWE

    Hilarious about deleting the app. This is my second child to apply. I swore I would stay off FB and forums and try to just chill. I made it all the way until March. Last time it made me pretty insane. Nerve wracking!
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    For Those Awaiting an Appointment/TWE

    Oldest is C1C at USAFA, youngest is a recent appointee to USNA. Oldest was wait-listed by USNA (and never offered) after USNA Summer Seminar, Candidate Visit, two nominations . . . much love . . . and basically an apology from the Blue & Gold Officer. Youngest had next to no communication...
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    Still waiting on a LOA or Rejection

    You accept your appointment and call the school and ROTC and tell them you aren't coming. It happens all the time, so not as odd as it seems. My general advice would always be to keep Plan A and Plan B in motion. Everyone appreciates that when Plan A comes through, you change your mind...
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    Flight to I day

    Our son is a brand new appointee at USNA so I haven't seen the paperwork yet, but 4 years ago at USAFA when our other son started, the appointee told admissions if you wanted USAFA to make the arrangments (directions in the original appointment letter) OR you could make the arrangements and...
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    ARTICLE: Air Force Academy has leadership problem

    Oh my, what am I saying, there are no Doolies until after Basic. Someone will correct or clarify if this mom got it wrong :)
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    ARTICLE: Air Force Academy has leadership problem

    And, since AF recently had Recognitions, there are no Doolies until I-day. During this time of year, it is jokingly called Air Force University which is fodder for this conversation ;)
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    ARTICLE: Air Force Academy has leadership problem

    The large "courtyard" around which the mid-century modern campus is organized is called the Terrazzo or T-zo. Since it is easily viewed from the Chapel steps (open to visitors), it's not much of a leap to nickname the Terrazzo, "the zoo." Pro tip for new parents and visitors: The Chapel...
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    Times for A day?

    For those of you who cannot go or for whom it is a financial hardship - the kids do just fine. . . and you will be able to view from a link or livestream (can't remember if it was live or posted after the fact). My Air Force kid was my oldest so I had kids at home and it seemed like a long way...
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    Waiver Candidates

    DS has two noms, but we have been told not to submit anything for waiver until they notify us. We have a full release from shoulder surgery and a waiting to proceed. Seems like we should have heard by now to at least get started. . .