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    Class of 2022 DIY USNA Appointment Thread

    1) TechFlier7 / Self / LOA / 18-Sep-2017 / Accepted / CA / Presidential Nomination, Direct Appointment 2) klcm54a / DS / LOA / 13-Nov-2017 / Undecided / AK / Presidential Nomination, Direct Appointment 3) Johnathan / DS / No LOA / 13-Nov-2017 / Accepted / NC-04 / NJROTC Nomination 4) SRJ/ Self /...
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    USNA Admissions FAQs -- AKA "Am I Competitive?"

    Thank you so much for this post. It's really helped with some of my "what if" nerves!
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    Thank you so so much.
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    Nominations for 2 academys

    Like nina1234, I'm applying to USNA and USAFA. I know it's most likely irrational, but I have the fear that by applying to two academies, I'm looking like I just want the free education and don't care about the branch I would be serving in. Does anyone agree or am I just overthinking this?
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    When is a good time to meet with my BGO? Should I try to meet with them this summer or wait until the fall? I'm new to all of this so any advice is helpful. :) Thanks, hopeful2022
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    Typical Day at NASS

    What types of classes are there available to participate in??