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    Advanced camp 2020

    Agree with @gill0610 - Cadre for CST 2019 was already at Knox at this point last year. No idea how they could even get close to it. A few COAs have been sent out but they are also varying from program to program. MG Evans posted on Twitter that it would be about a week.
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    New SECDEF

    I'm meeting him in 3 days.. thanks for the mini bio haha (I have his full bio and am reading that as well. Just thought it was funny to get some bullets.
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    Struggling with athletics participation

    Mind you, the community team only allowed you to play until you were 16 years old and since my school did not offer sports, I just went hard on everything else. I graduated high school with my associates (4.0 for both) and was part of the NHS, Prom Committee, Performing Arts Club, Young Marines...
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    Struggling with athletics participation

    My high school did not offer sports as we were completely focused on academics. I played on a community fast pitch softball team from 8th-10th grade. I was still accepted (ultimately turned down my acceptance due to family emergency). They just want a well rounded person.
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    ROTC Packet Gone!?!

    Update: I called my recruiter and he said that next years (20-21) application window opened up so they cleared out the ones that were complete (19-20).
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    ROTC Packet Gone!?!

    I can't find a number to call. Calling was my first thought :/
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    ROTC Packet Gone!?!

    Good Morning everyone! Please help :) I logged on today to check to see if one of my documents had been processed and my entire application was gone. Literally everything. I emailed the help desk but it took so long last time anything went wrong for them to answer that I am nervous they wont...
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    Academy to ROTC help

    Or Appalachian State University.... was just curious :)
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    Academy to ROTC help

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    Injury and recovery after waiver approved guidance requested

    So technically.. needs to reported back to DoDMERB and the NROTC he is trying to join..........technically.
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    How Squeaky of a Squeaky Wheel to be?

    Just wanted to put out an update. My packet arrived at DoDMERB on 30 MAR and as of today 02 MAY, I am medically qualified. Pretty quick process.
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    How Squeaky of a Squeaky Wheel to be?

    I had remedials requested on 04 APR and had everything turned in by 11 APR. I called DODMERB on 15 APR to check out my status and I was told that my packet was with the doctor. How long should I wait to call back? I don't want to be annoying... but i'd also like to make sure that stuff is...
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    Class rank in class of 58

    I went through a similar situation! My graduating class was 42 people. I went to high school at an Early College. My school ended up no longer doing ranks because when it came to college application times, they realized that at a traditional highschool, we would be in the top 5. Whereas at my...
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    Green to Gold Portal

    Anyone out there waiting on the G2G portal to change? I know that I received a scholarship; however, I don't think CC has processed my paperwork because my portal hasn't changed. Help.
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    Why, Why, Why different remedial

    They picked up!
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    Why, Why, Why different remedial

    I went ahead and gave them a call. My tech is currently out of work however, another tech was able to help me. I mistakenly forgot to fill in a box on one of the forms. Thank you!!
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    Single Disqualification- Head Injury

    Did they send you remedial requests? Or an automatic DQ? Remember that you could still have the opportunity for a waiver!
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    There is no negative or positive connotation on 'may get a waiver'. Every case is person to person so Kinnem is unable to give you a specific answer. Just put everything you have into gettingthe waiver but don't get too stoked until you have that qualified come across.
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    DoDMERB Remedials

    Hello everyone, DoDMERB was pretty quick requesting remedials! I hope that they will continue how quick they have been when it comes to evaluating my remedials. Abbreviated TL: 30 MAR 2019- Exam received and entered into the system. 01 APR 2019- Date Exam Reviewed 02 APR 2019- Date letter...
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    Unexplained Syncopal Episode

    How did this situation turn out? I am currently dealing with syncope related remedials.