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    Request for Advice

    I love that Fencer is always pushing the part time job. I am in her camp as well. The value of earning your own money is so important. My 17 year old took a hiatus during football season, but as soon as they are done with the playoffs he will be put back on the schedule. And while he has...
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    when does Presidential Nomination show in portal

    Any idea how long it takes for the Presidential nomination to show up in their portal? We mailed ours 2 weeks ago.
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    ALO Interview Advice

    Thank you 948, that's solid advice. My son read your response and laughed, thinks you two would get along. His ALO interview is next week and we look forward to seeing that checked off the list.
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    FFR meeting for 2022 hopeful

    Finally, after multiple attempts, my son received an email back from his FFR with an offer of a meeting. He is very independent and wants to go alone. I want to go with him, but he is really resisting. Did most parents attend this initial meeting? Note: This isn't our first rodeo. My...
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    Accutane and the application

    We are about to put my high school junior on Accutane for acne. Will this hiccup his USAFA application, or require him to get a waiver? The treatment will be complete before summer. Thanks.
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    Reality Check

    Completely disagree. Our sons will be in the Army in August 2019 when they graduate and commission. Right now they are college students training to be Army officers. They are nondeployable, and I promise when your son is going through Ranger or whatever he decides, or in AFG you will consider...
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    Your son/daughter goes where???

    Ok I have a cute one, but you can't make fun of him because it came from my son and he's only 10. In typical little brother fashion, he wanted to offend my oldest, who is at West Point. "Momma, I think I want to go to Navy to make <brother> mad, but I don't know where Indianapolis is". Makes me...
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    Community Service/Jobs?

    Excellent fencer! I second you on everything. My husband and I have strong work ethics, and I believe it comes from providing all of our own spending money from the time we were 15. We were never given anything we didn't earn. My oldest (usma 2019) works 3 nights a week at minimum wage to buy...
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    Problem with USMA uploads to DODMETS

    Thank you for this update. We were trying to be patient, but ready to contact them as well. Hope it's fixed soon.
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    Curious as to what makes an application complete "enough"

    We are in a very similar situation. My son is so close to submitting his candidate statements, but also wants them perfect, so he is reading them over time and time again. And I was telling my husband today scheduling his appointments around fb practice will be tricky.
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    Preparing for the CFA

    My son is a 2019 hopeful, and he's been training for months. He lifts weights and conditions as part of the high school football team, but also works out on his own. 4x week he runs 3 miles, 2 at an easy pace with the last as a max. He also does push ups, pull ups, and sit ups. He does not miss...
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    Service connected nomination

    Thanks for your help. We are definitely applying for other nominations, this is just a place to start. And when I emailed my husband the document they needed, his response was "what?" Kind of funny.
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    Service connected nomination

    My son, 2019 hopeful, is eligible for a service connected nomination because my husband is active duty. We read the online information and printed off the example letter. Should we use that exact template and mail it in? It seems too simple. My husband is deployed until the fall and we don't...
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    Newbie here

    Hello, I am the mother of a USMA 2019 hopeful. My son and I read this forum often. My biggest question right now is regarding the service connected nomination. My husband has been active duty for 19 years. We have read what's on the website and printed off the example letter. It seems almost too...