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    Squadron Assignments

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    Calendar Question DSAT Week

    I was looking through the 2017-2018 academic calendar that is posted in this forum and I was just wondering what "DSAT week" was. (October 13th to October 22nd)
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    Appointees Tour

    I just got back from the 3/21 tour yesterday. It was a great experience and definitely worth while. I came in with a lot of questions and left with none. Lots of informative briefs about airmanship, academics, athletics, and BCT. Shadowing a cadet was a great way to experience a typical day...
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    Should I contact USNA

    I received an appointment to USAFA back in November and I am trilled but I have been holding out on accepting to wait for USNA. I need to accept/decline my appointment to USAFA by April 15th. I am very fortunate to still be CPR at this point but I am nervous about cutting it too close. Would...
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    Difference Between AFT and PFT

    I am an appointee to USAFA '21 and I've been reading through the instructions to appointees and I'm a little confused about the difference between the AFT and the PFT. Is the AFT just the mile and a half run? Are the PTF and AFT usually taken together one right after the other? I have been...
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    I was denied from USAFA Summer Seminar and I received an appointment a few months ago in November. Being denied from Summer Seminar is not at all indicative of whether or not you'll get an appointment. Hang in there and keep working hard.
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    Received an Appointment.... Now what?

    I have just received an appointment to the Air Force Academy and I am absolutely thrilled. I am just wondering what comes next in terms of what kind of grades I need to maintain and what kind of actions follow an appointment.
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    USAFA Class of 2021 Appointments

    APPOINTMENT TO USAFA!!!! cc17/self/No LOA/Appt. Nov. 13, 2016/CT - Senator Murphy
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    Great thank you, congratulations to your son
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    In the DoDMERB medical history form I put down that I had consumed alcohol in the past. I am underage however I have only consumed alcohol in small amounts and only in the presence of family and in religious settings. I specified this in the form. I just wanted to be honest. Will this adversely...