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    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    I believe that the NJ senators Booker and Menendez coordinate nominations.
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    USSF ( US space force)

    This is not Halo. Or Star Wars. Or anything else. This is Real Life. There are no space battles, and likely won't be for a long time.
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    USAFA appointment chances

    You should be training, training, training, throwing up, and then training some more. Run in the cold, in the heat, whenever. Preferably you should practice under "test day conditions."
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    Candidate Status came after Nom deadlines

    I had the prelim questionnaire filled out as soon as it opened. My Candidate Kit triggered on July 10.
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    USSF ( US space force)

    Does America really need a Space Force right now???
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    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    "Most senators" certainly does not include Senators Booker and Menendez of New Jersey! Every candidate who submitted a NOM app received an interview.
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    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    I didn't really understand the question. I've had a JROTC nom since 23 SEPT so my medical waiver was processed (and subsequently denied) pretty quickly. If you're asking how my ED application to Carnegie turned out... I got rejected. But plan c, d, e, f are all lined up!
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    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    I received an NJ-03 Congressional nom to USNA as of Dec 17. Even though I am "Turned Down Medically"... 🤔
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    If you do something just to "tick the box," which is what it seems you will be doing CAP for, then you might as well not do it. The adcom will see through it very quickly.
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    HS Junior Applying

    No. The person/people who write(s) a LOR (free write) cannot be one of your evaluators. Evaluators = required. They fill out a form LOR (Letter of recommendation) = optional. This is like any standard LOR you would ask for a civilian college or even a job.
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    Waiver Timeframe?

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    (To current academy cadets) What is your favorite part about being at the Academy?

    I bet those butter bars on your shoulders make all of it worth it
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    What is a disqualifying CFA? The Training Plans dropdown is pretty nice. This website *is* meant for the ADAF PFA (not CFA) but still will help you with pushups and situps.
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    What is a disqualifying CFA?

    The only way to get better at pushups and situps is to do them. Try ladders and weight room workouts. Don't forget to keep up with the rest of the events.
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    The Long Wait Begins...

    Yes, but, USNA stated in their letter to me that it would "unlikely to commission in the Unrestricted Line of Navy..." which possibly (however small that possibility is) leaves open a commission in the Restricted Line (which I had wanted to do anyways). Thanks! Good luck to your DD as well!
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    Waiver Timeframe?

    My waiver for both USNA and USAFA was started when I was probably 75% through the process, on 8 OCT. This was well before the NJ Senators and my Congressman's nomination interview. I did, however, hold a JROTC honor unit nomination at that time.
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    What to wear to BGO interview....

    I mean if you were a suit in your own house then go ahead!
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    The Long Wait Begins...

    I just completed my ALO interview today. I am officially CPR for USAFA (and USNA). I also completed my congressman's and both senators' interviews. So now the Long Wait begins for me!
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    AFROTC and NROTC Chances

    This type of post is allowed, but what everyone is going to say is "nobody knows your chances or those of anyone else." There are just too many variables going into each applicant. That being said, I am a scholarship recipient and so I will try to give you some meaningful feedback. I can only...