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    First Round of Offers

    Congratulations ameisen_zug! Portal showed "Appointment Offered" here too this morning! No BFE yet.
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    Class of 2019 Appointment Thread

    1. clofton6, 12 Dec 2014, TX-03, Senatorial Nomination(LOA) 2. MIgeek, 28 Jan 2015, Soldier, Sec Army Cadetship 3. NewJersey2019, 29 Jan 2015, NJ-11, Congressional Nomination 4. NCWestPoint, 1/30/15, NC-05, Congressional 5 UT 801,29 Jan 2015, UT-04, Senatorial 6. mo06mom (DS), 29 Jan 2015...
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    BFE Mailings?

    Are there any insights when USMA will begin to mail regular appointment offers for the class of 2019 (aside from LOA's, principle nominations, etc.)? In 2013, they seemed to come out late February. Last year, I think many came out in January? Does anyone know the tentative protocol for this year?
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    Letter of Assurance

    DS received a LOE dated August 21, 2014. His application was completed late July - including CFA and DoDMerb. He also attended SLE. Hope this helps with the discussion about the continuation of the application - his application was complete and he received a LOE. Our family is curious with...