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    Glee Club

    DS is in Men's glee. He made the competitive choir in high school which helped at tryouts. The main benefit is that it gets him off the yard for outside concerts which was especially great as a plebe. As mentioned, spring break is always a great getaway and it is a great excuse to fly out to...
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    Bringing sports equipment/contacting club coaches

    You will see a lot of lacrosse sticks outside alumni hall at the start of I Day. It is Easy to pick each other out and make fast friends.
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    Where's Waldo plebe style

    I see you are AZ in a previous post. Best finds for me among the twenty or so that I list are the USNA lucky bag Facebook page and the USNA Flickr photostream.
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    Where's Waldo plebe style

    If you are a Washington parent, I have a where's Waldo guide posted on our club's Facebook page.
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    I-Day Schedule of Events?

    Check out the USNA Maryland parents club website, they have a great I-day guide to check out.
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    I-Day/Company assignment question

    Heard from others who got an email yesterday with company and platoon info.
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    Obsessive CIS/Forum Check?

    If you think an obsession with checking this forum is bad, you may be in for a surprise come plebe summer when the real obsession with looking through thousands of photos for your mid sets in, and they all where the same uniform and have the same haircuts.
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    Reapplicant - Retake SAT/ACT?

    Keep in mind we have not heard anything with respect to super scoring between the old and the new SAT format. This does not rule out super scoring, but keep in mind lots other universities are not super scoring those SATs taken pre March 2016 and those since. Also tip, that there are lots of...
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    A little help?

    Not at 5 years, have not even hit 2 for 7 yet. My encouragement ( and free plug) is that the mid parent clubs can be super helpful through the transition for a non-military family. It does not take long before one starts wearing navy apparel and decorating with anchors. Whether they go corps...
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    Better to start with a girlfriend back home than to turn down an appointment entirely to stay together. Just saying!
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    My DS (3/C '18) ended up waitlisted for SS and found out about his slot in late April as I recall. Hang in there.
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    Class of 2021

    My 3/C DS was outside the 10% class ranking since there was a big pack of lower extracurricular activity/more time to study smart kids at his smaller high school. To compensate, keep adding leadership activities to your resume and demonstrate how you are checking out that a armed forces career...
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    Cga 2020

    Hang in there, keep working hard and you will accomplish great things, perhaps just on a path different from that which you were anticipating.
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    USNA Women's Glee Club Southern California Tour--concert March 12

    If in SoCal, this is a great concert! If in NorCal, checkout the 3+ men's glee club concerts next week in the Bay Area.
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    Low ACT test score

    Just Dad; great post! Congrats on the two upcoming launches! I hope you will consider being a part of the Washington USNA parents club community for some great plebe year support. With respect to SAT/ACT prep, we are taking the midsib through Jean Burke's college prep genius 2 day seminar...
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    Class of '18 parent from Washington

    So true! Parents club are such a worthwhile experience and a great way to pay it forward to new SA parents. I simply love the sense of community.
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    Class of '18 parent from Washington

    He is thriving. USNA is a perfect fit for him. He seems to be dealing with it ok even when things have seemed unfair.
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    A different situation

    If your school has few active clubs, it sounds like you have a prime opportunity for you to take initiative to create and lead one of interest.
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    Class of '18 parent from Washington

    Hello all from the state of Washington, I am new to these forums, but active in related Facebook groups and our state's USNA Parent club. I hope to be a part of this community and learn something while I offer my insight and support. Chuck