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    SS/Lodging for parents?

    Things to do: Stop by the Visitor Center on the Academy grounds. Watch the movie in the theater. It gives a great, quick over-view of Academy life. I believe you can set up a tour if you call ahead and have that arranged, or if you know a current cadet. Definitely see the Chapel and drive...
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    USAFA Vision

    agolson, My daughter is class of 2012.
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    USAFA Vision

    My cadet is getting eye surgery right this very minute at USAFA... She just sent a text from the waiting room.
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    2010 Summer Seminar Participants

    Session A: goldfarb1- Georgia Falconchic88's son's girlfriend-Ohio thespanierd- Arizona Liberator45-Ohio paul1482 - NY patking- Maryland NYxJon93- New York czam- New York Session B: wang93- Texas tallbutshort-California JJ-2015- Colorado Session C: kikoman- Florida MorganC-...
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    Girls HAIR length question

    My long-haired daughter reported to I-day in 2008 with a neat bun. Although she can do it neatly and quickly, she was NEVER asked to demonstrate nor was she ever timed in putting it up on that day, or any other day. It was not an issue at all. Several of her friends did cut to a short...
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    What would be a legitimate weight to get into the air force academy?

    Ensure! :) My d was given these during BCT. yuuuuummy!
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    Spring Break

    Another fun and rewarding option for Spring Break is "Alternative Spring Break". :smile:
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    Cold clothing recommendations

    Just today my daughter sent me pictures of what she wore to the freeeezing game last weekend. She took pictures after each layer. It would make a nice instructional dvd! She had FOUR layers on under her coat and uniform! Then she has pictures of several cadets huddled together for warmth on...
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    CC, I did the SAME thing! I printed a picture from WebGuy--PUT IT IN THE "BASIC" SCRAPBOOK I made this time last year, and then found out later it was NOT my Basic!! It did turn out to be her roommate --so I wasn't too far off! LOL!! It's still in the scrapbook today with a "This is NOT...
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    "I" Day news

    Webguy is another way to keep tabs on the new Basics. He already has hundreds of pictures posted from getting off the haircuts, to being screamed at on the famous footprints....I can't tell you how many hours I spent last year combing thru those photos looking for ANYTHING--an arm...
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    Official Candidate...

    My 2012 cadet received her LOA on October 20th (She's not a recruited athlete) we will NEVER forget that day! :)
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    SAT Scores, should I send these?

    K DelRosario, Just so you know, the next time you take and send SAT scores, Collegeboard sends ALL current and previous scores--so, USAFA will see these scores eventually. My point: you don't necessarily have to pay again to send these scores right now. When/if you retake the SAT, they...
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    Touchdown in Colorado Springs

    I just checked and WebGuy already has some videos up!!! There's already a video message from a soon-to-be Basic to her family!!! So sweet!!
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    Touchdown in Colorado Springs

    Sincere well wishes to the incoming class!....I'm talking about the cadets AND their parents! I would highly recommend the parents go directly to the AOG's site and hook up with Webguy! He will keep you informed of your Basic's every move during Training and you might even get a glimpse in...
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    Rejection, Possible vacancy due to decline?

    To get some idea of dates, here's the thread from last year:
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    This is like being the last...

    Stay strong JamesD!!! Lots of people are pulling for you! :thumb:
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    Mass Appointments

    LOL, nice to know they changed that! Last year it said, "inclosed". A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to all that are receiving it, however it's spelled!:smile:
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    Mass Appointments

    Does it still say, "Appointment inclosed" ? (spelled with an "i")? Congrats!!!:smile:
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    Someone posted this last year and I was SO appreciative! PARENTs: Make your reservations NOW--TODAY-- if you plan to visit USAFA for Parents' Weekend! All the accomodations in town sell out, jack up their rates, etc. So booking now of course gets you a room secured, but sometimes you can...
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    Hey AFA.. Vote for your Cadet!!!

    You do not have to vote for 3! You can just vote for ONE each time! Go AF!