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    Plebe Summer '24

    If you click the link they sent and scroll to the bottom where it says "watch presentations" the plebe summer video recording is there
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    Plebe Summer '24

    nevermind i got it
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    Plebe Summer '24

    I haven't been emailed the link, anybody else?
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    USNA Mid Mom & BGO Willing to Answer Questions...Yes, Even That One

    Hi! maybe this year will be different then in years past, but how does thanksgiving break usually work? specifically, what day do we get off that week? Thank you guys for doing this!!
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    I-day drop off

    I plan on having my brother drop me off outside the yard about 20 minutes before my report time on I-day. However, I can't find the specific place where he should drop me off. Does anyone know the best/correct place where I should get dropped off on I-day? Should it be at the visitor center?
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    Poor high school grades

    Hello! I was thinking the same thing when I applied. I had a C+ in an honors math class as well. However, I received an appointment. Service Academies want well rounded individuals. Just put in the work for the rest of your classes and get good grades. I doubt there is ever one thing that can...
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    Transferring to USNA

    Thank you everyone for your responses and thank you Capt MJ for the links. I am not an international student so I guess I do not need to complete those forms. I will consult with my admissions counselor and then notify my university that I will not be returning, they have a "Not returning" form...
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    Transferring to USNA

    If someone reading this has a son or daughter who has done this then hopefully you can answer my question. But I am a current freshman in college transferring to the Naval Academy and I am wondering how to go about the transfer process, since I am not technically "transferring" (my gpa, my class...
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    USNA medical exam question

    I broke my elbow when I was 2 years old and I am just now seeing that any type of elbow fracture is disqualifying. However my elbow has been perfectly fine for 16 years. I have not received my results of my medical examination yet, however, what are the chances this disqualifies me? D225.50...