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    AF Form 4428

    Stop it! I'm crying here! Hahahaha...
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    Girlfriend coming to Plebe Parents' Weekend?

    That's awesome! Congrats! FWIW, Most high school relationships will not make it through college, even if they decide to go to the same school. You have to support each other, and, if a boyfriend or girlfriend doesn't want what is best for you, that relationship will not last. You can't go...
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    Dual citizen-- Can I get in?

    That's what was explained to DS. He has a German passport. Depending on the country, if you are an officer in a foreign military, your citizenship is automatically considered revoked. Enlisted is generally ok. If DS gets an appointment, he will send his passport to the embassy and a letter...
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    Chances of Appointment

    Think of the deposit this way: If you do not get accepted you will need to have made that deposit. If you get an appointment, your college education cost was that deposit that you lost. I think most will put down a deposit for Plan B or Plan C. We made a deposit for Plan B and considering...
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    Résumé for an ALO?

    I've never done an ALO, but here's my suggestion: Most folks I know have a multiple page resume. But you have to keep it concise. DS's resume is also two pages, but it's a three or four sentence narrative followed by mostly bullet points of skills, where he's worked and volunteered, AP...
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    7th semester grades requested

    I also agree, and the OP is not alone. DS had an 80 in AP Calc BC and a 78 in AP Physics C. He got his behind in gear and has A's now, but it may sting if his 7th semester grades are requested. On the flipside, one student on his slate dropped the AP Physics class. You are much better off...
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    Post-Graduate Engineering Possibilities

    If it's Aerospace he's looking at, I have a couple of friends high up in the field. They told DS to go to a top 20 engineering school, do well, then go get your master's degree at MIT or GT or another top five school. MIT is a little bit of a crapshoot unless you really really stand out - so...
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    ^^ Thanks for the help. Wasn't sure how the ATM fees for USAA worked. Good to know.
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    I've had USAA forever for insurance. They are great. Glad to hear folks having a good experience with NFCU. If DS goes USNA, it was recommended to me (by a Navy friend) that he sets up an NFCU checking account. More ATM options with NFCU, such as being able to use it at any 7-eleven. Plus...
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    For those who got denied or are waiting

    Thank you! That's part of my point that may have been poorly conveyed. I doubt DS will reapply if he's not accepted - he likes the OCS option. But nothing wrong with reapplying - very admirable. Just keep working toward your goals!
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    Post-Graduate Engineering Possibilities

    Ditto to the above comments. The reason why companies will hire an academy grad over an Ivy grad is because we know that if they are given an assignment, they will take the initiative to get it done. In fact, I put any officer in the military in the same bucket. I consider military officer...
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    For those who got denied or are waiting

    DS thinking if he doesn't get into one of the academies that he will do civilian college three years with his AP credits, then go OCS. Many that don't get in, find that civilian college is great, and still have a plan to commission. God has a plan for everyone, and you have to walk down the...
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    I'm just glad there is not much snow this year. DS wanted to go skiing spring break. The thought made me cringe. Thank God, we have a good excuse not to go, without having to go into helicopter mode.
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    Complete appointment list

    ...And keep the heat turned up since they can only graduate 1100 cadets.
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    The More The Merrier?

    Amen to that. DS had three with LOA's on his slate who have accepted, so he's holding out hope to get a spot from the NWL. Only takes one, but wish we had three! Congrats on three noms! And good luck to everyone!
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    Clubs at USNA

    College hockey is an odd thing compared to other NCAA sports. For hockey, most of the top players will play Tier I or Tier II juniors (under 21 league) for two years after high school. This is where NCAA teams recruit from. Tier III junior hockey is weak, and only a handful go to NCAA from...
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    Is my application competitive?

    I highly recommend reaching out to the golf coach asap. It was decades ago when I was recruited for golf (USMA), and it was hard for coaches to separate players who want to have a military career. I was able to get an appointment from a competitive area with abysmal SAT scores (compared to...
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    Settle a 'dispute' please!

    Forgot to add: You should always apply for the VP nom, whether you already have a nom or not. It takes five minutes, and IMO it shows that you are willing to get into the academy any way you can.
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    Settle a 'dispute' please!

    I understand where you are coming from - if you can get more than one nomination it can increase your placement odds, or you might be the top on the Congressman's slate, but in the middle on the Senator's slate. This is obviously more work for the committees to take this extra step, but keep in...
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    Residence state

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I understand that USNA generally won't accept applicants with a "gap year" from academics unless enlisted. This is unique to USNA admission standards from the other academies. This means that you would need to be enrolled full time in a four-year college or certain...