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    Changing Majors

    Hey, So the applications for 2020 just opened and I had a quick question. Is it difficult to change majors at the Coast Guard Academy? Though I might feel sure about my interested major right now, but what happens when I want to change my major. Will it be hard or easy to do so?
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    SLE Waiting List 2015

    I applied for the 2nd session since I would still be in school during the first session.
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    SLE Waiting List 2015

    Little Update: I already emailed/messaged the Admissions Team through the USMA portal about two days ago but I have not received a reply.
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    SLE Waiting List 2015

    Hey guys, So I applied to SLE at USMA a while ago and I was placed on the waiting list on April 14, 2015. I was notified that the final decision of my acceptance would be decided and posted on my Portal no later than May 3, 2015. It's May 6 right now and I am a little worried of what's going on...