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    Accutane on Scholarship

    Hi all, I’m a freshman at Virginia Tech on an active Marine Option NROTC 4-year scholarship. I’ve been DoDMERB qualified since last November with no issues. I’ve been looking at taking Accutane to treat severe acne for a while now, and I’d love to just do the 3 months and get it over with. I...
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    USNA College Reapplicant

    Hello all, I applied last year to the Naval Academy and heard back the first week of April that I had been denied. I applied out of the first Congressional District in Virginia. I am currently on a Marine Option NROTC scholarship to Virginia Tech and I'm majoring in political science. I did not...
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    Virginia Tech Marine ROTC

    I’m in Virginia. My processing was in late January at the recruiting station in Frederick, Maryland.
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    Virginia Tech Marine ROTC

    So for starters, I found out Thursday that I received the Marine Option 4-year scholarship to Virginia Tech. I was DEFINITELY NOT expecting it- in fact, I had assumed it was a lost cause and begun looking at other branch scholarships. Although I am still waiting on a decision from the Naval...
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    Marine Option NROTC Supplemental Forms and DoDMERB

    @coin06 so they had those forms at the recruiter when you arrived? Like you didn't have to bring them?
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    Marine Option NROTC Supplemental Forms and DoDMERB

    Hello, all. I have a couple questions regarding the Marine-option NROTC scholarship process. I've finished the online application but have not submitted because I want to review them with my OSO. It also says I have to complete three "supplemental forms" that are "available on web site". The...
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    He passed the CFA with three pull-ups? Back to the drawing board for everyone on here who is trying to calculate the minimums...
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    West Point Ghost stories?

    Sorry to be late to this thread, but I have a great one about VMI. Like bruno said, the ghosts of the cadets killed at New Market haunt the chapel. If you're convicted of an honor code violation and are drummed out of the Corps (kicked out), it's said that if you walk up to the painting in JM...
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    How do my CFA Scores look?

    There is no way the minimum shuttle run is 8.4. The average is 9 seconds. Trust me, if the minimums were this easy to figure out then the academies would just post them.
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    Candidate Visit Weekend

    Also take any homework with you. Your plebes are going to do their best to include you, but they spend lot of time studying at night for their Professional Knowledge tests and during that time it can get boring. Unless of course you know someone that's an upperclassman, then you might be able to...
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    Nomination interview questions:

    One thing that really helps is at the end of the interview, when they ask if you have any questions for them, have one ready to ask. It can be about really anything, but just asking a question will set you apart from the majority of candidates who quickly say "no" because they're itching to get...
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    Class of 2022 DIY USNA Appointment Thread

    Would it be possible for one of the moderators to pin this on the first page of the USNA forum? I have a feeling this is going to grow exponentially in the coming months and I don't want anyone else to have to dig through 4 pages of "what are my chances" threads to find it... ;)
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    Remedial Codes

    I needed a remedial for a concussion I had when I was younger, and I faxed the form in about a week ago today. There is still no sign of it being recieved or input. Should I be worried, or is that a normal amount of time for it to take for the form to be uploaded? What should I look for to know...
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    LOA w/ Presidential?

    In mid-July, I was awarded a presidential nomination. Everything besides my transcript, DoDMERB and CFA are in the system, and the transcript and DoDMERB are on the way to admissions as I am writing this. It is my understanding that once my transcript arrives, my package can go in front of the...
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    AFROTC Forms Email?

    Today, I submitted the online portion of the AFROTC application. On it, I only had to fill out basic personal information and list the schools I wanted to attend through the scholarship and acknowledge a bunch of statements about drug use and conscientious objection. After submitting the form...
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    West Point SLE Week 1

    That's amazing! Pm me or just out your number in here so we can add you to our GroupMe... we'd love to hear more about you and your twin's successes!
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    NROTC Dilemma: Navy vs Marines

    NavyHoops, I believe that I have the grit and determination to become a Marine officer and I fully understand all that that entails. I have 20/20 vision, but I have heard that the flight physical can be a beast. I would be happy to do any job in the Marine Corps and fully understand the...
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    West Point SLE Week 1

    Saw someone do this in on the USNA forum and thought it was a good idea. If anybody else is going to the first session of SLE, PM me so we can start a group chat! Looking forward to hearing from y'all.
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    NROTC Dilemma: Navy vs Marines

    So I will preface this by saying that I want to fly fixed wing aircraft for the Naval service (I know about the "needs of the Navy" but I want to make the decision that gives me the best chance at fixed-wing). I have opened my NROTC scholarship application and am having a difficult time choosing...
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    Excited... With a Question

    So first of all, some good news. I found out today that I've been accepted to the USMA Summer Leaders' Experience, which is very exciting. I'm really looking forward to visiting West Point and discovering if I belong there. Also, I would like to thank user @hamleton, a current USMA plebe whom I...