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    NHCA IMMUNIZATION consent form

    The PTR packet says to bring the NHCA IMMUNIZATION GENERAL CONSENT (BMU and BHC). Is this document also called something else?
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    Plebe privileges

    Do Plebes go straight back to Annapolis on buses after Army/Navy game, or can they stay with parents to be transported back to school the following day?
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    Our DS just declined his USMA spot for another SA

    My DS declined USAF for another SA last week of April
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    Forms from PRT packet

    Does anyone have a blank copy of the Patient Registration packet you could scan and email me? My son is locked out of his portal, and can't print it off. Thanks!
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    TI Inspire Calculator

    Will USNA allow me DS to take his own calculator on I-Day? He's been using a TI Inspire for the last 5 years. I think the functions are very different than the other calculators.
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    Apple watch

    Can plebes wear an Apple Watch?
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    Plan B

    I called plan B and spoke with them. They are very happy to be back up plan for an academy. Said that they don't feel like an academy is direct competition. Felt like he deserved to have a chance for his hard earned scholarship and hope he doesn't need to use it. But they are there for him if...
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    Plan B

    Should we accept Plan B in case of injury??
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    Scholarship to plan B Question

    Having accepted my offer of appointment, do I let my plan B college know? I have a great scholarship to Plan B. So if some unfortunate injury occurs and I lose my appointment to the Academy between May 1 and June 29, what are the odds that I still receive my scholarship to plan B? I guess I'm...
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    Items to do

    Does anyone know when USNA distributes a list of items that need to be done before I-Day? Also, will it come in email, snail mail or on the portal? Thanks!