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    CFA Still under Review

    Same here, resubmitted back in early December, still waiting for them to be verified.
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    Getting Ready for Round Two

    For me, at least the SOEs stayed in my portal when I opened it to reapply, so I presume the same will happen to you. On the portal, you have the option to add additional SOEs, so I imagine that is where you will add College Professors if you wish.
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    Getting Ready for Round Two

    Although garnering a positive relationship with College Professors sounds like good advice, it's quite a different reality from High School Pre-COVID. I attempted to get my college math professor this application cycle to do my evaluation, and he denied me. USMA kept the SOE from the previous...
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    When to expect nomination information?

    As many others will say, it really depends on your Member of Congress. However, the deadline for nomination slates is January 31st, some nominations will show up in your portal before they even notify you, some will notify you in December and your nomination won't show up until January. It...
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    The SAT improvement is stellar, nice job! However, at this point it's really too late to change anything with your Congresswoman, all you can do is really just wait. Others may be able to weigh in here, but I haven't heard of a case where a MoC have changed nomination choices in light of any new...
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    USNA Nomination from USNA

    Unfortunately not, I would know as I am in the current situation as an Army ROTC cadet reapplying. Army ROTC battalions can grant USMA noms but that is about it. However, you can have your Cadre write a LOR which may have some sway on your application. It is ultimately your choice, best of luck.
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    SOE Phys Ed Question

    You are good to have someone else administer the CFA as long as they fit the criteria provided by USMA. One of the people who can administer the CFA just happens to be a P.E. teacher.
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    Class of 2024 Priorities SAT/ACT or ECA

    I used a resource called UWorld in combination with Khan Academy, I would stick with Khan Academy if you really need to, as UWorld costs some money.
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    Where to Reapply From

    Sorry for the late response, I am currently a Candidate for USMA and USNA. I only have been accepted by AFROTC on a Type 7 Scholarship which I will use at my State School to ensure free tuition.
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    Where to Reapply From

    Well for me at least, I just went with whatever school is the cheapest. I'm going to a very popular College in my state that a large majority that my high school class is attending with no regard really to the ROTC program, but rather due to the benefits they will offer me. In my honest opinion...
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    My Greatest Failure or My Greatest Accomplishment

    While everyone waits for the final appointments to come out, me among them, I thought it ripe to share a little insight into my application that could possibly account for a long wait on an appointment, and also hopefully make some of the others also waiting with me chuckle a little bit. So...
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    Personal Statement Question

    I am no expert personal essays, however, my two cents would be not to spell out your answer to both. As a current applicant of 2024, I also struggled with perfecting my essay, how to best reflect my personal life, motivations, and academic writing style. My class in AP Literature spent about 2...
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    Is An Interview A Promising Sign?

    Considering your son is from Arizona I will say it definitely does look promising, as I am also an applicant from your same state and was not selected for the interview. So best wishes to your son!
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    Class of 2024 Priorities SAT/ACT or ECA

    Hello all, I posted here in December where I was told to worry about SAT/ACT as well as CFA. I have dedicated my self to doing so, I boosted my 1130 to 1320 but my ACT is severely lacking as it only went from 26 to a 27 and when super scored a 28 (my math was pretty low) In order to change my...
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    My Reapplication to USNA

    For the Certifications part of your application, I attend a high school vocational school and earned the A+ through self-study, I would highly recommend focusing upon the Trifecta for any IT, Comp Sci, or Cybersecurity major which is A+, Network+, and Security+. Honestly, IT Fundamentals doesn't...
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    IT and Cyber Security Trade School

    Thanks for the final input, that's the type of encouragement and motivation that I need to push myself and transform into the best version of me. I will most definitely try for State Officer as competitive and exhausting it is, but I would put it low on my list. I will continue the church...
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    IT and Cyber Security Trade School

    Yeah, I can see where I messed up when I said that...I viewed them as a lesser option just compared to the atmosphere that I'm seeing at USNA. My past year I've been thinking Navy, Navy, Navy and haven't taken any ROTC into consideration at any, I will surely start applying for ROTC to all...
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    IT and Cyber Security Trade School

    Ha, I was about to say the same! As hard as these colleges are I have not made a commitment this far in my junior year I believe that my chances are slim, even though I plan to take the ACT and SAT again and receive higher scores. I just haven't had the mindset to be attending any of these...
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    IT and Cyber Security Trade School

    I appreciate the input, I now realize the extreme gravity of my SAT and ACT scores, since I'm already on the last few legs of my Networking Certifications I will finish those first then promptly resume studying for the aforementioned tests. The one downside of the trade school like I said was...
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    IT and Cyber Security Trade School

    Thanks for clarifying that you have looked into OCS and ROTC. I do not think it is wise to consider OCS/ROTC lesser than USNA, especially since your goal should be to commision as, in your case, a cyber officer in the Navy or Marine Corps. OCS and ROTC do have benefits over USNA in certain...