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    Waiver Timeframe?

    Many times you don't get the waiver until you have an offer. And then the offer will come contingent on getting the waiver.
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    Admissions partner for Montana?

    Yes there is an admisssions partner in Montana. The person that interviewed my son came from the Bozeman area, I believe. Have you reached out to admissions? There are many opportunities to visit the campus. As soon as you get more messages posted, please feel free to private message me. I am...
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    Can an applicant be accepted Early Action while waiting on a medical waiver?

    Yes, she can receive a conditional LOA. But she won't receive an official offer until the conditions have been met. My son didn't get his waiver until late in the game.
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    Financial aid for those that drop from academies

    Kids that drop from any of the academies-- It happens as we have learned thru personal experience. We have been so grateful for the parents that have reached out to us with encouragement and information going forward to plan B. We did not know it and thought it would be a great thread to have...
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    A quick background and a DoDMERB question

    It has been my understanding that you can get everything turned in and DODMERB complete and then you wait for an appointment. If there have been any questions on the DODMERB then you spend a lot of time submitting medical records. If you are disqualified and need to go the waiver route, only...
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    My son received his in September last year. He was in the first group. Less than 50 went out at that time we were told.
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    A quick background and a DoDMERB question

    You are way ahead of the game to be getting the DODMERB done already for next years class! good job to your son. There will be alot of waiting ahead. Prepare yourself.
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    Medical questions

    By the time he gets thru to dodmerb it will more than likely have resolved itself.
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    Mold issue

    For every yes you answer on the self-reporting exam sheet that DODMERB sends you, be prepared to have an answer and will probably need a doctor record to accompany it. We were fortunate that all care came from one or two places so it made it easy to come up with records.
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    AIM Session 1

    Find PDuddy on Facebook for pictures of your kiddos! He is a Godsend to parents.
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    Sexual assault crisis': Unwanted contact reports hit all-time high at Coast Guard Academy

    I had the conversation with my son about getting into a situation where it turned into the conversation of she said this happened ...and it didn't. That terrifies me. But as parents with sons and daughters, it is something we all worry about. I told my son to never be alone with a woman ever...
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    Sexual assault crisis': Unwanted contact reports hit all-time high at Coast Guard Academy

    I just dropped my child off for swab summer. I agree there was no mention of this. I find it rather concerning, actually. No chatter of it.
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    Induction Day Tips

    Thank you for your encouragement. DS will be attending the Coast Guard Academy. I am reading all I can for tips on induction day. I appreciate your words of encouragement. I figured parents all reacted the same across all the academies!
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    Induction Day Tips

    My DS was the guilty party here and he started with the Mother's Day card he gave me. I sobbed like a blubbering idiot and couldn't even read it till later. Hard to stay strong these last few weeks when all I want to do is be selfish and not share his last days with everyone. But I'm trying to...
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    Medical condition change before I-Day: Laparoscopic Appendectomy 3-week before I-day

    oh man..I don't have any knowledge of how it will play out but I wanted to tell you that I am thinking of you and wishing your son a speedy recovery. Kids will rebound so much quicker than adults but I don't know how the academy will see it. Wishing you all the best.
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    USCGA Waitlist 2023?

    No one can really say what your odds are. Have you compared yourself to the class profile? What does your leadership look like? One thing is certain, your odds are zero if you do not apply. Your goal should be to receive an appointment, not to the waitlist. You make it to swab summer after...
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    USCGA Waitlist 2023?

    Does anyone know how many have accepted appointments so far? Just wondering they are aiming the class size for.
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    USCGA Class of 2023 Medical Waiver?

    What a nail biter! I am glad it worked out. I wondered if they were still working on waivers. And the wait listed folks. Congratulations!
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    NASS Packing Question

    Bring your oldest and grungiest pair of sneakers of the sea trial day. You won't feel bad about tossing them. They do get nasty and then if you can't get them washed right away, it is even worse. Don't forget linen for bed.
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    Worried about DoDMERB process

    You don't say where you are at in the process but the earlier you get your application in the better you will be. The completed application triggers the DODMERB exams. And then if you receive an appointment--I believe that is when the waiver process begins, but not totally certain on that. Give...