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    Plan b college is angry

    I paid a deposit for my son at Auburn. He was medically dq'd from USMMA after Indoc. Auburn honored his tuition scholarship and engineering department scholarship. If I didn't pay the deposit way back before he made his decision he would be paying for his school now. You never know what may happen.
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    Seeking advice from setbacks/withdrawn MIDN, and all USMMA folks:

    I can understand your dilemma. My son was medically dq'd this year from KP. He was class of 2020 with you. You made of heard about him. He was dismissed for failing a Methocholine Challenge given to him at NorthShore. He failed the test after round 5 of 6. His first pulmonary function test came...
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    Tomorrow is the 10th day of Indoc

    Waiting on the first phone call this Sunday even though it's only 5 minutes. Looking at all the arm bands and crutches made me understand how difficult this process is. My hats off to the young men and women that are there now and previously.
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    THE BLACK BOX - USNA vs NROTC admissions process

    S So I guess from reading your comments I have concluded that ACT scores are overrated. If so, why does the SA use them? Why did our B&G officer tell us what ACT score was competitive? I'm a realist, I have a hard time believing someone with a 7 point difference on the ACT learns and retains at...
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    THE BLACK BOX - USNA vs NROTC admissions process

    Wh My question is how do the professors teach and expect everyone to learn at an equal pace? Let's say a person has a 34 on the ACT and another has a 27. How can a person be competitive when there is such a wide margin in scores? One is either not reaching the learning potential or one is in...
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    War Eagle!! Proud alum '92. My son got a TWE from USNA about 3 weeks ago. It was a bad day. My daughter is at Auburn and she loves it. My son received $32k tuition scholarship from Auburn. He was planning on reapplying after his freshman year. I really don't think he would have. Auburn is a...
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    Wait listed

    Don't beat yourself up about it. There are no guarantees. I think sometimes it's better to have low scores and get into prep school than be qualified. I have a different view of who gets in and who doesn't after experiencing this ordeal. See kids that can't chew gum and walk at the same time get...
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    CVW Correlation to Appointment?

    I don't think so my son went as a junior and didn't get an appointment
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    USMMA Class of 2020 Appointment Thread

    21. Fairhope dad 2020/appointment March 30/Senator Jeff Sessions & Rep. Bradley Byrne Al-01
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    calling all holds and app on files...curious

    My son's portal still says hold. Fed Ex delivered an appointment this morning dated March 30, 2016. Portals might not be getting updated because they are so busy. Good luck
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    No more Principal Nominations.

    Who knows why a certain SA appoints one person over another. There really is no way to figure it out. My son had better scores, ACT, GPA, leadership than a principal appointee to USAF. Mine applied but didn't even get a nomination. I get what you're saying but it's the system that seems to work...
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    End of the Line for USNA

    Wow, that's unbelievable. You can't get better than that. He did the best he could and it was better than the rest in his class. He will be successful in whatever he decides to do. Congrats to you and the other parents that raised such fine people.
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    End of the Line for USNA

    I'll share stats. It's all about competition they say. ACT 31. Math 27. English 32 reading 33 science 34 3.75 GPA National Youth Leadership CVW Camp counselor 2 summers FCA officer. 3 year member Key Club 4 years, 2 officer positions Class rep 3 years All County cross country 2 year co captain...
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    Class of 2021

    We were told a 28 would be competitive, my son made a 31 and was dropped on Tuesday. I would suggest you really concentrate on Math. It seems if you have a very high Math score you can get. LOA even though you may not be able to chew gum and walk at the same time. Just an honest observation from...
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    Low ACT test score

    From the research I've done and following my sons application process I would recommend he find a tutor for English and take as many practice ACT test as he can. My son went from a 22 to a 32 in English between his 10th and 11th grade yr. mainly from taking the practice test. What I don't...
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    Important Classes Missing?

    My S has a 32 super score with a 27 in math. He also took AP Stats, junior year, made a 4 on the exam. Has a 94 average in pre cal this year. If you have a 32 on your math score I wouldn't worry too much. If you don't I would recommend using your summer to take pre cal anywhere you can. My S has...
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    Oh no...

    I was sent an email from admissions via our USMMA liaison which said that any additional grades can be updated until 1 March deadline but ACT and SAT scores are completed at this time. I would call to be sure. Good luck
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    Principal Nom Timetable For Appointment Question

    I would sit back and enjoy my senior year. My S had an ACT score of 31. English 32 Math 27 Reading 33 Science 34. He was told during his AFA interview that he had to pull up his Math score to a 27. He did not receive a nomination to USAFA. He received Congressional nominations to USMA, USNA...
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    USMMA minimum

    My S was below the averages on 3 and above average on 3. His portal says CFA passed. Don't get caught up in minimums and maximums. Nobody really knows. He did run a 5:40 and I think that helped. Work on your running, it will help you overall physically. Good luck