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    beast running

    3-4 miles in beast. You will break up into ability groups based on your initial APFT time upon entry. Fast people will run faster workouts. Slower people will be in a slower group. However, be prepared to run a mile or so in formation to PT locations. Do not be the one to fallout on a run after...
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    Navigating the USMA candidate portal

    The rest of your application and portal probably won't be available till early August.
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    Scholarships and West Point

    Need based scholarships can not be had either.
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    USMA 2021 Class Motto

    I like "From ashes, we rise" But there will also be many more solid suggestions.
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    USMA 2021 Appointment Thread

    NYScout/Self/LOA/Appt Dec. 24 2017/Plan to Accept//NY-20//Congressional Nom/Congressmen Tonko
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    I highly recommend applying to other service academy summer seminars as well and attending multiple if you are fortunate enough to be selected and have the capacity to. I attended SLE and USCGA AIM. West Point was always the place I wanted to go and still is. However, AIM was a pretty realistic...
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    Questions about Life at West Point

    The Civil war took place from 1861-1865.
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    Question about starting the 2021 Appointment Thread

    I received an LOA in September and just got my nomination. Waiting on official appointment in the coming months. Everything is clear though. Extremely humbled and excited to be joining the Class of 2021!
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    Plebe at USMA

    What's a good rucking pace?
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    Do I even have a chance or should I change plans?

    Perseverance and motivation are essential. Push to get in if it is your goal. West Point wants students who are driven to succeed and will continue to work for their goals. Don't give up at one trial.
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    I'm feeling it.... how about you?

    Go army beat navy! This is the year.
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    How much does my act help?

    I have heard this question asked to admissions officials, and the reply was that ACT scores would be looked at more heavily if your school does not rank.
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    Statement Word Counts

    How strict is admissions on word count? If I am 20 words over will this keep me from submitting the statement and having it reviewed. Also would the same apply for the ROTC application? Thanks in advance.