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    NAPS Nominations

    Thank you very much!
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    NAPS Nominations

    When reapplying for nominations, should the teacher/counselor/principal evaluation forms found in some nomination applications be filled out by high school faculty or should these be filled out by the faculty at NAPS? I would appreciate any help, thank you!
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    Transfer From NAPS to USNA

    No. M/Candidates only have to reapply for the nominations.
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    CIS Class of 2021

    I just received the updated info so I'm sure you will too very soon.
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    Strive to become a well-rounded individual and try to expose yourself to as many things as possible, whether you feel comfortable or not! Break out of that comfort zone! Wish you the best!
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    Willing to Answer All NAPS Questions

    Does anyone know why the we are being redirected when clicking the link for the Enlistment Package on the NAPS Information page? However, no rush because I need my high school diploma first!
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    Wait List

    The Academy only I believe.
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    2021- One month of CPR left!!!

    I remember talking with you about last year's Summer Seminar and to hear this really sucks! Keep your head up and I wish you the best.
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    Thank you

    Congrats on NAPS! I will be seeing you there :) Make sure to join the Facebook page!
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    NAPS Class of 2018 Thread!

    There is separate parents' page titled "NAPS Class of 2018 Parents Only"
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    NAPS Class of 2018 Thread!

    I do not believe anyone has received the official 2017-2018 package yet. Be sure to join the Facebook page titled 'NAPS Class of 2018 Midshipman Candidates Only'.
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    Willing to Answer All NAPS Questions

    Will NAPS appointees receive a packet with the proper 2017-2018 paperwork when it is released or will it all be through the portal?
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    An odd question

    I know that sometimes Admissions will offer candidates without noms a NAPS spot if they are valued enough. (Correct me if I am wrong)
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    When does USNA start sending out TWE?

    Take a look at the toolbar of this site.
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    NAPS Class of 2018 Thread!

    Ah dang! I believe you need to post at least 10 times in order to PM.
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    NAPS Class of 2018 Thread!

    Definitely interested! Feel free to PM so we can swap details.
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    Willing to Answer All NAPS Questions

    @USMC1550 Thank you for the information! Also, NAPS guarantees an appointment to the Academy as long as the conditions are met, correct? For example, do you need to resubmit your application again (Foundation Program) or do you just need to secure a nomination and call it a day?
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    Willing to Answer All NAPS Questions

    @USMC1550 For the nomination process did you complete all applications fully before you left for NAPS or did you just let the offices know and have the paperwork sent to you? Thanks!