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  1. TomB

    What Will Final Determination Read?

    I apologize in advance if this has already been mentioned in this forum, but what will DoDMERB read once a final determination is reached? I am asking because I am currently waiting for a final determination on my remedial portal and have been anxious to find out a definite answer about my...
  2. TomB

    nrotc mo scholarship - reserves contract

    Like everyone stated, your son's MOI would know better than anyone. My MOI informed me that if you receive a reserve scholarship, you can essentially switch contracts once you head to TBS with someone who wants to go reserve or something to that effect. I'm not exactly sure how the process...
  3. TomB

    Sideload Scholarships

    Thank you! I remember being hell-bent on USNA but I honestly couldn't be happier with my ROTC unit, we're all like one big family and call each other brothers and sisters. I plan on making a post about earning it because it feels too good to be true after 4 years of failure and turndowns, I...
  4. TomB

    Open Thread on NROTC MO Spring Side-load Results

    1) Purdue/3yr/3.3/Non/PolySci/286 2) VMI/3yr/3.9/Non/History/280/Ground 3) Rutgers/2yr/3.8/Academic Assistant Officer/Criminal Justice/286/Ground To all of you who have earned a scholarship congratulations!
  5. TomB

    Sideload Scholarships

    I received a phone call from my MOI about it, I do not know if they send letters as I just found out I earned one today.
  6. TomB


    I was in a similar situation as you. I was just turned down and what I did after was message my school's NROTC unit MOI and told him I was interested in joining the Marine option ROTC program. I received a message back within the week asking for information and to apply for the College...
  7. TomB

    New Student Indoctrination (Summer 2019)

    I just went through NSI Cycle 2 and I have to say it was an AWESOME experience. The beginning absolutely sucked, for a lack of better terms, but the experience was extremely beneficial and motivating. I did not think NSI was extremely hard, except for getting IT'd all the time by our Chiefs and...
  8. TomB

    New Student Indoctrination (Summer 2019)

    I know in an email they sent us it said that candidates are expected to meet Good Low on the PRT for Navy and at least 200 on the PFT for Marine option candidates.
  9. TomB


    I appreciate it, only can move forward from here. For those who got a TWE, don't think your work was for nothing either, look how far we all made it. As down as you may feel, failure only leads to success. You weren't denied because you weren't good enough, there are factors that are just out of...
  10. TomB


    Same here, TWE. Hard pill to swallow as a reapplicant especially since my only fault was my low test scores. Plan B locked and loaded. Thank you to everyone who helped me in this process, Round 3 here we go.
  11. TomB


    I'm probably going to stop looking at these forums until I get a definite answer because everything here is just pure speculation, the bottom line is none of us are USNA admissions so none of us know what they know. The only information I'm considering are those senior members and BGO's who have...
  12. TomB

    USNA Candidate Status

    Just as a heads up as well, make sure you check your junk folders, spam folders, and so on because I found my candidate information in my junk folder for both cycles.
  13. TomB

    Will TWE reflect immediatly in the portal?

    I can tell you from last year that I personally just received an email when my portal updated which is how I found out. Up until that point, I was CPR with no nomination.
  14. TomB

    Waiters ....this thread is for you

    Same to you and your DD! Good luck!
  15. TomB

    Waiters ....this thread is for you

    I appreciate it. The only thing I think is an eye-opener besides my 6.5 years of boxing experience fighting with professionals and such was raising $15,000 for a friend who was hit by a car and was told he would never walk or ride his bike again but made a full recovery and is back to doing...
  16. TomB

    Waiters ....this thread is for you

    I'll be honest, I have no clue why or how I'm still CPR at this point in time because I don't consider myself an academic freak of nature. I'm expecting a TWE primarily only because of my medical DQ and low SAT/ACT scores (1180 and 24 respectively). My other stuff is pretty outstanding, but...
  17. TomB

    DS put on wait list

    Not that I have very much knowledge of how this works, but if you look at the class portrait for the class of 2022 (found here: ) there was 1,373 offer of appointment given out and it seems that only 1,209 showed up for I-day...
  18. TomB

    Waiters ....this thread is for you

    We are all in the waiting game together, we should congratulate those who got in. Maybe there is another who is deciding between two similiar options and is struggling to choose, they want to make the best choice for themselves. I take no offense to someone getting an appointment, we all worked...
  19. TomB

    No records found USNA candidate portal

    I have the same thing, maybe they are updating the portals for maintenance or something. You would get an email if it's a TWE.
  20. TomB

    USNA Class of 2023 Do-It-Yourself Appointment Thread

    I hope so, I mean if you don't have a TWE then I think it would be. Then again, that also means appointments are running short too. I wouldn't dwell on it, I keep saying to myself maybe it means we're more competitive or maybe it means they haven't reviewed us yet. Either way, no TWE means you...