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    NROTC - Yale, Princeton, Harvard...which is the best unit?

    My son told his interviewer Navy was his only option. He was asked if he also applied to USNA - he was honest and told him NROTC was his plan B- and they had a really good conversation of NROTC vs USNA. My son also had Princeton as one of his 5, but not the top. He received his NROTC scholarship...
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    Medical Exam Too Late?

    Littlebird, do you mean you are scheduling your exams on your own(your own doctors)? I asked if Dodmerb could take the results of my son's annual eye and physical that he had already taken recently and they said No, it had to be with their contracted providers.
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    Anyone heard from NROTC Scholarship Selection Board since 11-18?

    My son received his NROTC on 12/6/16 via email and phone call.
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    Class of 2021 USNA Appointment Thread

    15)Nosnow/DS/LOA/Appt.Dec.7, 2016/Not Yet Accepted/AZ/Congressional Nomination
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    How long until notification of appointment?

    Yes, we just needed to be patient. On Monday, the MOC's office called congratulating my son and said it would be official via email on Wed(today). He did get the email this morning!
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    9th grade son has expressed interest in SA's

    My son first became interested in USNA after going to STEM camp in 8th and 9th grade. After attending Summer seminar his Jr. year, it solidified his commitment to pursue an appointment at USNA. He was asked during his MOC and Senate interviews why he didn't apply to the other service academies...
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    DS received an LOA about 2 weeks ago. NavyHoops: what does 3Q mean? couldnt find on the acronym list.
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    LOA Received This Morning

    DS was Qual. Received LOA 9 days after they finally got his transcript(to complete his app), which he ended up having to ask his high school to snail mail.
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    New SAT Scores

    I agree with HopefulDad3210. My son recently got an LOA and MOC nomination and I believe his grades and test scores had a lot to do with it because he didn't have much EC's(tutoring, 3 clubs, no community service) and only plays 1 sport(average player). He took almost all AP classes, scored...
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    How long until notification of appointment?

    Runxc8 - First, Congratulations! But how did you receive your appointment? My son's situation is similar to yours: Dodmerb cleared, on a Monday he received a phone call from MOC saying he would get a nomination(no email, letter), the following Thursday he got an email from USNA with an LOA...