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    Apointee Kit

    For the part where you enter your measurements on your appointee kit, are the boots sizes male sizes? I ordered the nike combat boots to bring with me to basic and they are male sizes (I am a female). Would it be correct to put the same size as my nike boots for the boot size section?
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    Armed Forces Bank

    I have tried to create an account with the Armed Forces Bank and both times I received an email saying that my identity is unable to be confirmed and that I need to visit a local branch. The closest branch is 4 hours away from me... I tried calling the number on the portal but no one answered...
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    Insurance Coverage

    When is your child fully covered by USAFA health insurance? Is it the first day of basic training? Is there a particular form or process to have them removed from your private insurance?
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    Blankets, Pillows, Mattress Pads

    During your first year after basic training, are you allowed to have your own blankets and pillows? I've seen questions centering around this but have never found a super detailed response. Also, what about mattress pads? I know that during your first year you have room inspections... are you...
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    Admission counselor meeting

    Good advice, thanks!
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    Admission counselor meeting

    Hello All! I am visiting the Academy this month and will be meeting with the admissions counselor for my state. What should I talk to him about and what should I bring?