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    Transferring NROTC to Marine ROTC

    If you don’t mind me asking. What was your MOS? My DS is at TBS now and it’s fascinating on the jockeying for position. 0302 is his 1st and 0204 is his 2nd.

    Is Vmi worth 3 years of 160k of student loan debt, Anyone who has done out of state tuition for 3 or 4 years

    Agree with all the other posters. Are you sure you want to go to VMI? You have left The Citadel twice (not sure if you were asked to leave or you left on your own accord). I can promise you that VMI is no different and by all accounts more spartan and difficult. Ask yourself why you were not...

    Money Magazine's 2024 Rankings

    Not true - unless they changed something this year. Certain positions require a change in company, but not all. My DS was Company XO and stayed in the same company as a cadre corporal, 1st SGT and XO. he was the last class to do the shuffle. My DS had 5 room mates his knob year, 3 the 1st week...

    Money Magazine's 2024 Rankings

    Back in the 1990's - Norwich was very much aligned by companies and battalions - not the overall COC. Each company had there own history and traditions. No idea what it is like now. My observation of El Cid is that it is more similar to Norwich than VMI. The school tried to disrupt this when...

    Money Magazine's 2024 Rankings

    The athletes are treated 100% differently than the non athletes at the Citadel - and not in a good way. They eat different food, have different standards all across the board. They are looked down upon in general by the real members of the COC. Its a shame when you see "cadets" walking around...

    Reapplying/Readmission into The Citadel

    If your application is flagged - admissions will tell you that.

    Reapplying/Readmission into The Citadel

    No one here is going to have the answers you need. I suggest calling admissions and ask them what was lacking in your re-application. As we said before - there is way more to this story, hard to give you advice. Call the school.

    Money Magazine's 2024 Rankings

    My only add is - I went to Norwich and my DS graduated from The Citadel. He chose wisely - Northfield vs Charleston!😃 All kidding aside - 2 awesome schools that are producing our next generation of leaders. Happy 4th!!

    PLC and NROTC sideload

    Congrats! Awesome accomplishment. A little advice on OCS graduation - show up early so you get a good seat. They had a basic refreshment stand last year where you could buy water and Gatorade. Enjoy - special weekend indeed.
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    Citadel out of state tuition -- practical question

    The financial aid office at The Citadel is very helpful. I suggest contacting them to see if they can provide some information about your individual situation. Is your DS pursuing a ROTC scholarship? You didn’t mention Norwich as a consideration. Norwich has, by far, the best scholarship...
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    DODMERB Waiver Question

    Are you a current NROTC student? Are you referring to a side load scholarship? The reason I ask is there is not a 3-YR NROTC-MO scholarship. Assuming you are a current NROTC student, this question is best asked to your cadre. Best of luck.
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    Changing ROTC Scholarship?

    I don’t think it is possible to transfer as they are independent and different application processes. I suggest you contact the Army ROTC ROO at the school you will be attending. He/She can advise you on the best path forward. I also suggest you speak with the respective NROTC and AFROTC...
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    SMCs At A Glance

    I have the program from this years Commissioning - I was bored and counted and your numbers are correct. My DS was one of the 21 Marines. How lucky we are to have institutions like The Citadel, VMI and Norwich - which are purpose driven to develop the next generation of leaders - Civilian or...
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    Thank you, SAF

    Great stuff. Hard to believe it’s been 4 years. Please keep us posted on your adventures! Congratulations!!!!!
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    SMCs At A Glance

    Here are the numbers from The Citadel this year. Total Commissions = 150 Army - 102 Air Force - 8 Navy - 18 Space Force - 1 Marines - 21 (** Some of the 21 are MECEPS. I think I remember 15 non MECEPS, but I could be off) I think the number graduation (Corps of Cadets - not including day...
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    SMCs At A Glance

    He reports to TBS 3 June
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    SMCs At A Glance

    My DS Commissioned last Friday from The Citadel. The number I remember was 147. He commissioned into the USMC and there were 17 total in his group
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    THE CITADEL- day one, what do I need to look like.

    Its up to you. As you mentioned, one of the 1st things that happens is a hair cut. Show up in shape and with a good attitude. Charleston is hot and humid in August so you need to be in good physical shape. Good luck!
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    Hard to believe its been 4 years. Super proud of you and look forward to hearing from you after you commission. Congratulations!
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    Thankful for the forums...

    Another - Thank you for this post! I cant believe how fast the 4 years have gone by. My DS is graduating, commissioning and headed to TBS - he is hopeful that he gets infantry after TBS. Its amazing how things progress and the worries and concerns from 4 years ago are completely different now...