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    Still in the game

    Encouragement Last year DS received TWE in April. We shared the same roller coaster of emotions many of you are feeling. We were never sure of where he fell short. DS pursued plan C and chose to reapply. He challenged himself to be one year better. This meant another year of emotions and...
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    College Reapplicant Success Rate

    Yes, college DS received appointment in February. Last year TWE came around April 9.
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    College Reapplicants --Anyone hearing anything?

    Yes, got the call from MOC about appointment. No BFE yet. Not a principle nomination.
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    Thank you forum

    MOC called DS, college reapplicant. Thankfully, it was between classes so he answered the call. Beats the TWE he got last April!
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    Foreign language at USNA

    Do many high schools offer Chinese? Seems like it would require a very qualified teacher, and few students would choose such a difficult language.
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    Verbal commitment Friend has Junior DD being recruited by USNA. How can she verbally commit this early when an appointment is not guaranteed? The admissions/nomination processes are much different than regular schools. If she verbally commits early to USNA and does not receive an appointment...
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    My chances based on stats?

    Futuremid, I hope you get a BFE this year. Thanks for sharing your stats. It is good for all of us reading the forum to see how competitive some districts can be.
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    Blue chip SAT scores??

    How much does USNA know about an athlete such as a blue chip junior before the verbal commitment? Is there some sort of preliminary screening done to ensure that the candidate will be competitive with admissions, MOC boards and most importantly as a mid? Do many athletes verbally commit early...
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    Last year DS received an invite to CVW shortly after nomination was received. It was a great experience and increased his desire to attend. We may have read more into the invitation than we should have. Even though he was 3Q he did not receive an appointment.
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    CVW and Swimming

    Scuba during CVW Last year during the January CVW my DS attended scuba training with his plebe on Saturday morning. He had a blast and was glad he brought his suit.
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    In which year is the charge made? Just curious if a congressman is charged against his slate when a student from his slate is offered NAPS or the following year when he actually attends USNA.
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    App Completion for LOA Consideration?

    Is ACT preferred over SAT? Any idea what is asked in the teacher recommendation?
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    DS Reapplying - CGO/RD info underwhelming

    Similar response DS had almost identical scenario but stronger academics plus leadership. Our district is very competitive so hoping for good position in national pool. We did hear that more appointments were given to under represented regions this year. Not sure if that was true...