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    a dose of reality... AFROTC rejection

    Don't feel bad i got reboarded too, I'm in the same situation I didn't pick any technicals, I thought a Foreign Language would count, but best of luck!
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    AFROTC Chances

    Thank you very much and best of luck too you both!
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    AFROTC Chances

    I am curious to see how I compare to some of the people who have already recieved scholarships for AFROTC. I've completed my packet and interview but have not gotten any information from the board. So to see how I compare could some of the cadets who recieved the Scholarship post their GPA...
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    Hello, My name is Ryan I am currently a senior in Highschool and I am planning on joining AFROTC at University of Tennessee knoxville. Currently I am waiting to hear back about the results from the January Board.