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  1. kpmom2011

    Gov. Shutdown

    I would say that since the Commandant staff, Admiral and ATR offices are working with a reduced staff any nonessential (ie, appeals, disciplinary boards etc) will be put on hold too.
  2. kpmom2011

    Gov. Shutdown

    yep no one knows that is why KP is not issuing long term plans yet. They will take it day by day and I'll keep updating parents :)
  3. kpmom2011

    Gov. Shutdown

    Don't have the answers yet about the A split. Nothing is cast in stone yet. It is a fluid situation and there are different plans depending on how long, if at all, the govt. shuts down. I will update as I get word from Admin. Please keep checking
  4. kpmom2011

    Second sea year project problems

    I don't know of anyone receiving a bill, but I know of many who have had to serve as enlisted folks in the navy to repay.
  5. kpmom2011

    Gov. Shutdown

    Official word I just received the following from Admiral Helis regarding the potential govt. shut down and KP. Please check our website as I will be updating as I get information. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Acting Maritime...
  6. kpmom2011

    Graduation date change 2014

    Well said AMF. The change has nothing to do with budget cuts or lack of funding. The event will be treated with the same dignity and respect that the graduates deserve, and nothing is being cut.....just condensed. :confused:eek:
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    Quiet Forum

    Guess they have their private pages. LOL....they will learn that some of us old timers have good information!:yllol:
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    Weighing the Choices

    My son was a Marine Systems Engineer major. He is now a Civil Engineer. So yes the degree transfers. :) But only Kings Pointers have the fantastic Alumni Group to support them around the world in their endeavors.
  9. kpmom2011

    USMMA National Parents Assoc., Inc. Official Response to USMMAAF situation

    Dear USMMA National Parent Officers, and all USMMA Parents and Friends, As all of us are aware, the USMMAAF is experiencing one of the most difficult times in its existence. Though financially and organizationally as sound and stable as they have ever been in their history, they are at risk of...
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    USMMA Class of 2017 Acceptance Thread

    Make sure you all go read the Plebe Parent Tips at You will find them quite helpful!
  11. kpmom2011

    State Grants

    Hi KP 2015! Did you contact the financial office at USMMA? They should be able to help you clarify this. If not, call the Registrars office and have them send a copy of his transcript. If all else fails, message me the phone number and name and I'll see if I can talk some sense into...
  12. kpmom2011

    Class of 2017 Plebe Parent Tips

    Hello all! The 2017 Plebe Parent Tips are available on the National Parents Website. I recommend you read them. They were written with the help of the Commandant and many new parents find them helpful. You should receive a letter from the Natl. Parents Assoc. in your Logging In packet...
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    Agree with all the other posts. Photos will be available on the National Parents Site Also if you have not done so go there and read the "Plebe Parent Tips."
  14. kpmom2011

    Parent's Associations

    Thanks jasper Extremely well said Jasperdog. If anyone wants more information about the Alumni Foundation and the Parents Association please visit the website :biggrin:
  15. kpmom2011

    CO Leak

  16. kpmom2011

    emergency number to contact parents

    From what I've been told, the emergency contact sign up was something that Superintendent Greene tried to start when he was there. As far as I know nothing was every done with it. :confused:
  17. kpmom2011

    Rear Adm. Phillip Greene steps down

    From usmma alumni foundation Secretary Ray LaHood announced on Tuesday the appointment of Rear Admiral Philip H. Greene, Jr. (KP ’78) to be the Department of Transportation Chair at the National Defense University in Washington, D.C. Rear Admiral Greene served with distinction as...
  18. kpmom2011

    Rear Adm. Phillip Greene steps down

    The Superintendent is selected by a very arduous process with a selection committee. The Parents Association will have a representative on this selection committee so we can voice our opinion and concerns. In the meantime, parents don't fret. The Superintendent really does not have much...
  19. kpmom2011

    Trip to KP/Manhattan

    If you drive 2 miles to the bayside station you will get a cheaper rate into the city. If it is during a weekend you can buy a city ticket for $3.50 each way.
  20. kpmom2011

    Sea tour - "what to bring"

    Your DS will be fine :) 2nd sea year my son did not have a chance to get his "sea year" gear. He went from a military internship directly to a container ship. It's amazing how well he did without the "list" of things. Most important is that he takes the things necessary for sea...