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    BCT Swimming

    The swim classes are also during 3 degree year so you have some time to meet those requirements. If you can get good by then you can even validate the class. To validate water survival you don’t have to do the treading or hour long circle swim so it’s pretty nice
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    Pass For Wedding

    My 2 cents as a cadet, as people said there are times when you're going to have to miss out, it's part of being in the military. However, I see no reason why you shouldn't at least try on this one. If you left Thursday, you'd miss the first two days of school (if you left after class Thursday...
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    USAA or Armed Forces Bank

    I don't know if you meant commitment and not commission, but you can get the loan from USAA 2deg year
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    Terrified of getting kicked out due to PEA

    I'd say keep doing what you are doing, keep at the grind and lean on your wingmen when you need to, whether that's asking your recondo NCOs for advice or just talking to other people in squad about fitness tips. Also, I know you said you're watching your food intake, maybe talk with the...
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    USAFA Physical Education Course Suggestions

    As said earlier, most PE classes here it's pretty rare to get an A in so I'd just say go with whatever you think you'll enjoy / whatever you don't have at your school. Rock climbing is pretty fun.
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    Standards in Free Fall

    I think this is good advice; however, we were specifically told not to be creative. In a meeting of all the squadron MAE cadets we were told "do not try and get creative, it's not worth your commission". I agree that there are a lot of different ways to create stress; however, executing the...
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    Recognition Starts Tomorrow

    Aged like fine milk
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    Study Abroad and semester exchange programs USAFA

    Slight correction, you have to take two semesters of a language unless you test out, for some people this can go into your second year if you fail one of the first two semesters and have to retake; however, most people finish up the requirement by the end of 4deg year.
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    Fire at USAFA

    Power went out a few times today but nothing too bad.
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    Standards in Free Fall

    I would say that USAFA has been more similar to USNA, at least over the past few years. USNA and USAFA place much more emphasis on 4/c academic year training whereas Westpoint more so treats their plebes much more like regular cadets and have very little training outside of the summer. USCGA...
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    Ask away

    Summers are broken up into 3 summer periods. Each year there are different opportunities available for what you can do. After 4deg year you do one airmanship program and combat survival training. After 3deg year you do OPS where travel to a base and get to learn about different jobs and see more...
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    Accept Scholarships as Cadet?

    Definitely recommend applying for any scholarships. For the first two years, a significant amount of your cadet pay goes towards paying off an initial advance of pay you take out for uniforms, your laptop, and everything else issued to you. If you can pay some of it off that's directly money in...
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    Multiple Nominations Showing Up In Portal?

    With grade inflation I think you might need 4 nominations to get in now. Still congratulations.
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    Standards in Free Fall

    I think that the respect issue is only getting worse with the 4degs due to the way training is being run this year. The current 27ers are so much worse than I could have imagined before this year (at least in my squad). I think a large part of it is when they gutted training they didn't teach us...
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    Any USAFA Questions (Current Freshman Female)

    I placed into calc 2 and decided to take calc 1, it’s pretty easy to do, just talk to your assigned ac advisor after basic. In retrospect though I think it would have been better to just take calc 2, frees up more space in your schedule later when you need it, especially if you want to pick up a...
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    Parking off base

    Weird question for y'all. I'm going on semester exchange to USCGA from USAFA. I plan on driving out and they have told us that we will be allowed to have our POVs while at USCGA; however, that we will not necessarily be allowed to park on base. Is there off base parking available anywhere...
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    Legal studies major...

    Yeah there's a few factors at play (coming from a MechE major so take it with a grain of salt). 1. By virtue of being USAFA we attract a lot of people interested in airplanes so aero is much more popular than usual (same thing for Astro, especially with the Space Force now) 2. The department...
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    Current Doolie Q/A

    Really? :(
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    Current Doolie Q/A

    Neither of those are actual "personal items". The actual term that the doolie should have said earlier is "memorabilia". Different squads will be more or less strict on what is considered memorabilia as it is defined solely by a list of several items that are not memorabilia and everything else...
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    Current Doolie Q/A

    Last weekend at the founder's day parade I saw one guy who had underwear that said "Woof" in big bold letters underneath the semi-transparent parade pants