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  1. NM2019

    Highschool Advice Please

    Ok, thank you for your feedback! I think I will perform better on the ACT, so I will focus on that one.
  2. NM2019

    Highschool Advice Please

    Thank you for replying to my comment, and I will take that advice. I can see your point on the ACT having four sections to cover being better than the SAT. I plan on taking the ACT many times, as well as completing many practice tests.
  3. NM2019

    High School

    Hello! I am curious as to how much of an advantage I will have with applying to the USAFA based on my High school classes. I am currently a tenth grader, but I will be entering my junior year by the end of the summer. My junior year classes are: AP US History, AP US Gov/Politics, Spanish IV, AP...
  4. NM2019

    High School Senior Courses

    I am entering my junior year next year, and my class setup is this: AP English lang, AP US History, Spanish IV, Physics, College Algebra/trig, Engineering design and development, and AP US Gov/politics. Will these be sufficient as advanced classes for my junior year? I plan on taking AP...
  5. NM2019

    High School Tips for an aspiring Naval Academy cadet.

    If I am going to be captain of my swim team soon, and join a club that is specifically based on being a leader and learning how to handle leadership, will those positions be good enough? There aren't too many leadership positions I can take up, and this is the best I am able to do. I am just...
  6. NM2019

    Highschool Advice Please

    Here is my question: should I focus more on the ACT or SAT? I expect to take both during my high school year, and I have recently taken the ACT. I am just wondering about which one I should focus on for the Air Force Academy to consider. By the way, I am entering my Junior year in high school at...