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  1. DanGir

    Boston College ROTC Question

    Boston College Army ROTC has their own classes and PT sessions on their campus. The MSIV classes rotate between the two.
  2. DanGir

    APFT for 4 yr winner/AROTC

    For a reference point, my son had a couple day orientation prior to classes starting Freshman year. The APFT was given during this orientation. He passed at the time but barely. I think it opened his eyes a little bit.
  3. DanGir

    Worried DS is giving up on Academy dream to jump at NROTC Scholarship

    I hope this doesn't come off as condescending.... Is the USNA his dream, or your dream? Either way, he has an excellent plan B. Congrats.
  4. DanGir

    AROTC National 4YR Scholarship Questions

    Please take the advice of Clarkson or Mohawk who have more definitive advice. Hopefully they respond for you.
  5. DanGir

    AROTC Picking A School

    I consider it a success if my kids take my advice 50% of the time!
  6. DanGir

    AROTC Picking A School

    Assuming you're referring to AROTC scholarship, wait until you receive the packet in the mail. It might take 7-10 days to arrive. Then review all the info before accepting.
  7. DanGir

    AROTC Increasing Chances to Admission to Universities?

    My guess is Cornell is one of them.
  8. DanGir

    AROTC Increasing Chances to Admission to Universities?

    I can tell you what happened to my son a couple of years ago. He was given a 4 yr. AROTC scholarship to three schools including his #1 choice which was an Ivy. The ROO was notified about the scholarship and my son's interest in attending. ROO wrote an email and visited Dean of Admissions in...
  9. DanGir

    AROTC Winner Letter Arrival Time?

    When my son was awarded a scholarship a couple of years ago, it took about 7 to 10 days for the letter to arrive.
  10. DanGir

    Military intelligence

    For AROTC you can branch MI regardless of your major. However, anywhere from 55- 70% of all of those selected for MI get branch detailed their first few years. That means the LT years will be spent in IN, FA, AR or CM before transitioning to MI
  11. DanGir

    MIT vs Princeton AROTC

    Has she received acceptances to those schools? I ask because those are two of the top five most competitive colleges in America. I would research some other AROTC programs just in case.
  12. DanGir


    Congrats to your DS. Is he a December grad?
  13. DanGir


    My DS got Military Intelligence with branch detail Infantry. His top choice.
  14. DanGir

    AROTC Four Year Winner...Ready to Accept

    My suggestion regarding accepting the scholarship is to wait until the packet arrives in the mail. It will give you all the information you need. Be patient as it may take a week or more to arrive. Regarding scholarship presentation, luckily my son was not interested in being publicly...
  15. DanGir

    Army ROTC 1st Scholarship Board Results Published

    When my DS received his scholarship, he did not get any phone call. I don't believe this is unusual. Expect to get something in the mail in 7-10 days.
  16. DanGir

    Army ROTC Scholarship acceptance...

    As k2rider said above, the packet you will receive in the mail has a lot of info in it. My DS had the same dilemma when he won his 4 year AROTC scholarship. He ended up waitlisted, then denied to his #1 choice. He ended up transferring his scholarship to a school that was not in his top three...
  17. DanGir

    How do I find out how the AROTC Interview went?

    I believe the candidate is supposed to send the emails, not the parent.
  18. DanGir

    Component Release Today

    I'm assuming this was when there were less active duty slots available so it was more competitive. This year and last year very few people who wanted active duty didn't get it.
  19. DanGir

    Component Release Today

    My son got active duty and DMG.
  20. DanGir

    Army ROTC Armor/Infantry Branch Competitiveness

    The past few years about 16% of ROTC cadets ended up in either infantry or armor. Of course, there are a lot of cadets who do not want either of those branches so 16% is misleading. Bottom line, the better your score on the OML the better your chances of getting the branch you desire.