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    USMMA Transfer

    My DD was at USMMA in the class of 2022 and has since resigned. She is now hoping to transfer into Texas A&M Galveston with the license option. Just waiting on the admission decision now. Is there anyone who has transferred from USMMA to TAMUG or who is currently at TAMUG that can give us some...
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    DoDMERB official documents this is on DoDmerb website.
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    Class Of 2022 USMMA DIY Appointment Thread

    31.) MT71 /DD /LOA/Mar 28, 2018/Accepted/TX /Congressional/Direct Appointment Very excited to post this! The wait was enough to make me crazy.
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    Portal issues

    YEs, same thing here. ours was status quo this morning as well. I knew I should have just not looked today.
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    what does HOLD mean??? is this good or bad????

    same experience here. The waiting is stressful.