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  1. GoFalcons

    New Hobby for Parents of 2020'ers

    Replevin, thank you so much!! I did not realize there were more photos there! Back to being glued to my screen! So grateful to have this Webguy photo service. Worth every penny.
  2. GoFalcons

    New Hobby for Parents of 2020'ers

    Same here! Such excitement when you actually see a photo of your DD/DS! Hoping they have photos of Friday's swearing in posted soon. We had to leave Thursday night so we missed it.
  3. GoFalcons


    Thank you both for posting these...we just arrived in Colorado Springs earlier this evening, and I read this thread to my daughter. Definitely helped fire her up to face Thursday and beyond!
  4. GoFalcons

    Summer Squadron Assignments are posted!

    Agressors Andrewxc ----------- 0645 Kyfalc ------------- 0645 Barbarians Cobras Rosesarerad -------- 0810 MDtoCO ------------- 0810 Eaglescoutmom (DS) - 0810 MESlavin16 --------- 0810 Demons Refereedoc --------- 0850 Executioners Joos --------------- 0930 Flying Tigers Brandon291...
  5. GoFalcons

    USAFA Class of 2020 Appointment Thread

    Sorry! Getting to this list late, two months after DD's appointment... 1. kmlDad2020 DS 12/14/2015, SenFeinstein, Rep McNerney dist.9, CA 2. Replevin DD 12/17/2015 call from Sen Nelson's office, FL 3. FalconsRock DD 12/17/2015, Presidential, Senator McCain and RepFranks (Dist. 8 AZ) 4. Dallas1...