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    I need to talk to Luigi.

    Thanks. I'll try that.
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    I need to talk to Luigi.

    Hi, I need to talk to Luigi. If Luigi is here or if anyone else can tell me how to get in touch with him, I'd sure appreciate it!
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    National Guard - pays 100% tuition? Or not?

    Thanks for the responses. They were helpful. I appreciate your time.
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    National Guard - pays 100% tuition? Or not?

    When a National Guard Reservist goes to college, what is the limit on the amount of tuition the Guard pays?
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    Can i get into vmi or the citadel?

    Why do you want to go to The Citadel or VMI and what do you expect to find there? Do you know anyone personally at either school?
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    Wait List

    Congratulations on your daughter being wait-listed! That is closer than others got to THE DREAM. I hope you get the great news sooner rather than later... I wish I could advise you on the timing, but I have no knowledge. Just wanted you to know that you were "heard" and that there is empathy...
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    Citadel Knob Year

    Congratulations on surviving knob-year! What is the ONE thing you wish you had brought along? The ONE thing you wish you hadn't? Did you REALLY need 12 white towels? Do you think you still have yours, or do they just get mixed up and re-distributed? Did you use the laundry service...
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    made my decision.

    Congratulations! You've made a great choice. Go be a person of integrity, good, and brave. Thank you for being willing to serve. Blessings to you.
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    May I say this?

    To whom it may concern: I'm the OP on the Facebook Horror thread. Yikes -- I did hope it would not be discussed, only "bumped" because I was afraid of the flames. I did request no discussion in the OP. Anyhow, at this point the thread is closed. I've been praying about the requests...
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    Facebook horror.

    mnolan is right on target. ~
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    Last AROTC board meets when?

    Is the Citadel on your list of schools for AROTC? If so, I would call the AROTC commander there and talk to him.
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    Want to boost chances of getting AROTC scholarship? Do this:

    Yep, that was it - Hongul. At least I remembered it started with an H !!!
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    Hoping for the best while fearing the worst

    With only 17% American minority population, the Citadel does not qualify to my understanding as a HBCU. I think the school's minority population (not including foreign students) must be at least 20%. The 17% number was reported at the parents' meeting I was at there during Pre-Knob visit...
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    Facebook horror.

    Yes, I know what you mean, but that was not this. In fact, there was a discussion of sorts about it... and he was definitely participating in the discussion. But, I appreciate your caution.
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    Facebook horror.

    Read this, but please don't reply, except to say "bump" so others will read it. I really do not want to discuss this, but simply want to bring it to your attention. I got a NASTY, NASTY, NASTY message on my Facebook wall from a USCGA cadet (class of 2010) who was (WAS) on my son's friend...
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    What to eat?

    Why do you NEED to gain weight, I wonder? Do you mind explaining to me? Is it for your sport?
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    Want to boost chances of getting AROTC scholarship? Do this:

    Use Rosetta Stone to study Chinese or Korean language (Hulong?).
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    What to eat?

    Chik-Fil-A milk shakes. Yummy.
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    Citadel 2013

    Congratulations! Way to go --- you are a fighter!
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    Who was at pre-knob this weekend?

    What did you and your student think? We were there... it sure was a beautiful weekend to be in Charleston! Excellent parent presentations, I thought. I'd like to hear others' impressions.