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  1. Ravens

    Class Of 2022 USMMA DIY Appointment Thread

    None of the people still on the undecided list are still undecided. Either they made a decision to accept their appointment by May 1st or decline by May 1st. If they didn’t make a decision on their own, the academy rescinded the appointment. May 1 was the cutoff date to let the academy know...
  2. Ravens

    No Nom, Still No TWE

    Did they apply for the VP nom? I know it’s along shot, but somebody has to get them.
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    No Nom, Still No TWE

    Good Luck 2022USMAHopefuldad and also to you DD. My DD is going to do the same thing as yours. She will decline as she has already accepted her full ride academic scholarship as well and plans to go a different route. I understand the frustration and believe that the academies are losing...
  4. Ravens

    No Nom, Still No TWE

    Still waiting as well....
  5. Ravens

    Class Of 2022 USMMA DIY Appointment Thread

    DECLINED phyrebird / Self / 19-Dec-17 / Declined / FL Sargon / DS / 18-Dec-17 / Declined / PA 18 ship_shape / DS / 25-Jan-18 / Declined / SC ali_ksa / Self / 22-Dec-17 / Declined / NV Ravens / DD / 16-Apr-18 / Declined / MD-02 UNDECIDED NAVYCAPT93 / DS / 07-Dec-17 /Undecided / TX KMB8940 / DS /...
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    No Nom, Still No TWE

    Good Luck, sounds like we are in the same boat.
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    No Nom, Still No TWE

    Anyone out there who didn’t receive a nomination but still haven’t received a TWE.
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    Class Of 2022 USMMA DIY Appointment Thread

    1) NAVYCAPT93 / DS / LOA/ 07-Dec-17 /Undecided / TX / Senatorial / Direct Appointment 2) River627 / Self / No LOA / 11-Dec-17 / Accepted / GA /Senatorial and Congressional / Direct Appointment 3) Youngman / Self / LOA / 12-Dec-17 /Accepted / NC /Senatorial and Congressional / Direct Appointment...
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    April: and you are still waiting...

    Just for clarification, will the candidate receive a TWE prior to an AOG offer or does admission just offer the AOG without first sending a TWE?
  10. Ravens

    USMMA Accepted Student Day???

    Thanks KPlax2022, appreciate the info.
  11. Ravens

    USMMA Accepted Student Day???

    Does anyone have any info on if and when USMMA conducts an accepted/appointed students day? I believe it may be this Friday, but can’t find anything in the website.
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    USMA Class of 2022 Appointment Thread

    100 now on the list and still not a single Marylander.
  13. Ravens

    LOA’s Still Happening

    To all that are still in the running, do not lose hope. DD just checked her portal and her status has changed from “app on file”yesterday to “LOA” today. I actually thought it was very late in the game to see a LOA from USMMA but they are still happening. Keep the faith and good luck to all.
  14. Ravens

    what is meant by "rigor" of high school re: USNA

    Please, please, please let me know the name of the schools with the above statistics. These are certainly not public schools if they exist.
  15. Ravens

    Vision Disqualification

    Ok, although I am not a doctor, I will take a stab at this one. Of the three numbers on your contacts or glasses prescription, the last two refer to astigmatism: “Spherical” indicates whether you are nearsighted or farsighted. A plus sign indicates you are farsighted, a minus sign indicates...
  16. Ravens

    Is it worth applying to the Academy with my act scores

    I agree with trying the SAT. With a 17 ACT score, I don't even think the Academy will make you an official candidate with that score. Also, I would suggest getting some prep material like the Khan Academy offers for free. If you took the ACT 4 times and received the same score each time, it...
  17. Ravens

    USNA Issues and Guidance

    Just an FYI, even with your follow up appointment finding you as correctable to 20/20, the DODMERB site will not change. They will complete your review and change your status to Pending Waiver. However the DQ for D155.41 Distant visual acuity not correctable to 20/20 in each eye will still be...
  18. Ravens

    LOE, 3Q, 2 noms

    Very good point made with this quote. Just because you don't receive an LOE or LOA doesn't mean you aren't competitive. I am sure there are plenty of very qualified candidates in very competitive states that receive neither. The SA's don't need to offer these to this candidate base. They...
  19. Ravens

    Disappointing Read - Death of Cadet Preventable

    We hear about these types of incidents and I often ask myself how this could have been prevented. Obviously, there were many who could have stepped in and tried to reign this behavior in. They ALL failed. They failed the taxpayers, the parents of this young man, and the young man himself...
  20. Ravens

    Eyesight Waiver for West Point

    When did you complete your physical and eye exam? If it was before the date of this original post, you should NOT still be waiting on DODMETS. All of your paperwork should be at DODMERB by now.