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    I-DAY question

    Personally, I think its random. However, they know what napsters and priors are heading to the Academy much earlier than they know all of the high schoolers. My bet is that the napsters and priors are sorted randomly and proportionally. And then everyone fills all the other spots...
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    Study Abroad

    btw, to echo kamikazi... no way you can do more than 1 semester abroad
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    Study Abroad

    The whole study abroad program is very new and is limited to several countries. Personally my friend and I tried to pull a semester in Italy but it didn't work. That being said I know for sure that mids have gown to the Canadian military Academy (one of my youngsters went there), and I want to...
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    Evaluating my First Year

    To echo Zaphod's comments, its always good to go for the best possible grades you can. That being said, the subject of high school grades is subjective because high school grades differ from school to school. My personal advice would be making sure you have a high class rank, varsity sports...
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    "mostly white" is always the advice given... Technically it depends on the company. Personally I have not heard of cadre taking plebes shoes from them... that being said, I wouldnt wear neon green shoes. Stick to "mostly white" and you'll be fine
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    Saluting different branches?

    it was so much easier when I was a mid... any time you saw a thick stripe you threw it up regardless of the service or nationality
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    It may have touched on a few times before... however, in plebe summer, despite the fact that girls are physologically different, their fellow plebes will expect them to atleast keep up physically. At times it may not sem fair, especially when some useless out of shape guys are barely keeping...