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    USNA Crew,How to Prepare?

    I am on the lightweight rowing team at the Naval Academy. I would not worry specifically about getting good at rowing. The coaches there are pretty good at getting you into shape. Many of my teammates, myself included, are walk-ons and did other sports such as swimming, cross-country, or...
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    Hearing Waiver???

    Futuremid, I used to hunt and shoot all the time without hearing protection and actually failed my hearing test in the higher frequencies. It didn't even show up on my DoDMERB. I wouldn't worry about it too much
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    Plebe Packing List

    I just read in the PTR package that we are not allowed to bring electric razors for plebe summer.
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    Class of 2019 Appointment Thread

    1. williamsrn, 19 NOV 2014, VA-02, Presidential Nom 2. OsseousProgenitor (DS), 26 OCT 2014, MD-08, Presidential and Senatorial Nom., (Senator Cardin), 3. b1driver (DS), 30 Oct 2014, VA-01, Presidential Nom, Virginia 4. BigBadWolf, 26 Oct 2014, GA-13, Presidential Nom 5. bill.rivera's (DS), 2 Oct...
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    USNA waiting for yield results

    I was in the same situation until a couple weeks ago when I finally received my waiver. I was worried that my LOA would be invalidated if I did not receive my waiver by February 1st(My letter said Feb 1st, instead of April 1st). I asked my regional admissions director about it and he said that...
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    Shoulder Waiver Help

    Thanks for the help. I'll just get a note from my surgeon.
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    Shoulder Waiver Help

    I had a bankart repair surgery on my shoulder on Sept, 25 2014 after dislocating it during a football game. I got a DQ for shoulder instability. My surgery and rehab has gone well and the doctors expect for me to be fully released on Feb, 18th. I have started back into my normal sports routine...
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    Letter of Recomendation

    No problem! But I think your still right about taking math junior year, also your teacher can get to know you better before they write the LOR.
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    Letter of Recomendation

    On my application this year, it said junior or senior math and English teachers.
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    TX Senator

    I got a call on Wednesday from Cruz's office offering me a nom to USMA.
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    STEM Program Acceptance?

    I received an LOA for the class of '19 USNA. I am not accepted yet, I'm just waiting on being cleared medically now. I had all A's and was ranked 3rd out of 55. I didn't have very good act scores as a junior, a 25 I think. I studied a lot and raised my score to a 30. I had a lot of sports and...
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    Remedial - where to send info?

    On the DoDMERB website click on a button that says contacts on the left side. Then the DoDMERB address should be at the top. That's the place I sent my remedial info to.
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    Texas MOCs

    Haven't heard anything from the Senators yet.
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    Class of 2019 Nomination/Appointment Thread

    bcope, from what I understand 1 of the 3 Q's are physical and if he passed the CFA at the summer seminar than he is physically qualified but I don't know how to determine if you are academically Q'd. What are his act/sat scores and what was his injury?
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    ACT Scores

    TS20, yes they only consider the Math and English scores. And also from the forum I read that they weight the math score more than the English.
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    Class of 2019 Nomination/Appointment Thread

    Same here. Just got the LOA dated on the 4th. Texas, Presidential Nom.
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    Previous concussion

    I think it just really depends on how severe it was. I had a concussion junior year in football, but didn't even require a remedial.
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    Presidential Nomination Application

    Found It! Thanks for the help
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    Presidential Nomination Application

    Hello, I have submitted all parts of my application and nominations except for the presidential nomination. I am qualified for this nom; however I can't find the application on the USNA website. Any idea where to find it?