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    Waiver for USAFA

    Hello All! I was disqualified for exercise induced asthma by dodmerb. About a week or two after I submitted my USAFA app I received a portal update saying they had requested a waiver on my behalf. The dodmerb website still says "pending waiver submission/review" like it always has since I was...
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    Essay Question

    Hello All, I submitted my essay a few weeks ago. I was recently going over it again to modify it for a different college and noticed a few capitalization errors. Other than that, my essay is flawless. Should I contact my regional director and submit it again with the capitalization changes or...
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    Third Recommendation Letter

    Okay, I guess I will go with the highest priority on the list available then. Thank-you.
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    Third Recommendation Letter

    Hi All, I was wondering how much weight is carried by the third author of the rec letter. On the portal it has a counselor ranked above a physics teacher and/or coach. Would it be worth it to have the lower ranked party write the letter if you knew it would be better than a counselor letter? I'd...
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    Braces Question

    I already had my exam done, I want so submit the paperwork so it will speed up the waiver process or even avoid it all together.
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    Braces Question

    ....bump. Both of the previous posts where not relevant at all. I already have the paperwork out. I need to know where to send it. The dodmerb website is not clear.
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    Braces Question

    Hi, I am aware that having braces will be a DQ, but if you fill out the paperwork with your orthodontist stating they will be removed before I day that you will not be DQ'd. I have filled out the paperwork and had it signed, but I do not know where to fax it to. Could anyone provide the address...
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    Application Timeline

    If your activity record has already been submitted, and reviewed by your counselor/teacher then you will need to email your regional director. If it has not been accepted by your counselor/teacher you can email them the changes and they can add it to your activity record. (source same thing...
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    Candidate Records: Current Studies

    As a fellow applicant, I put down my classes for next year.USNA will receive our official transcripts and then convert grades to their scales to take into account the academic profile of your school.
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    CVW Haircut?

    Thanks for the tips everyone! I don't have a beard so that's one thing not to worry about.
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    CVW Haircut?

    I will be attending a CVW next week and I have hair that is moderately long and unkempt. Would getting my hair cut so that I can style it into a slicked back look be better than leaving it long or should I just consider getting a medium length buzzcut?