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    Unless things have changed in three years, DODMERB status for ROTC does not appear until after the scholarship is offered. That's how it worked for my son in NROTC.
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    Congratulations to you and your son! It is so great that the recruiter at the NROTC unit at your son's first choice school was checking the list and getting the news out! My son saw it on the website first, and that night, his local recruiter called. The letter followed a week or two...
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    NROTC -

    The earlier the better for the NROTC scholarship. If your son would really like to attend Penn State University Park, he should put that as #1 on his college list on the application. But, he should get the application ASAP. The more times it is reviewed, the better chance to be offered the...
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    Medically qualified?

    Did you take the Farnsworth Lantern test for color vision as a remedial?
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    I am sorry. I don't understand what you are asking. From my son's experience, you went to...

    I am sorry. I don't understand what you are asking. From my son's experience, you went to the NROTC web page and clicked on status link or the application link if you haven't started. I am not familiar with this year's application, however. Maybe you can be more specific so that I can...
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    NROTC Application

    Have you had an interview yet? At the interview, if it like my son's, you will complete some questionnaires. Unless the process is changed this year, DODMERB is usually not completed by NROTC scholarship recipients until the offer is made. Having done it for USNA, you are ahead of the game...
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    Changing NROTC assingnment...

    After an anxious wait, my son successfully transferred his scholarship to the school of his choice. He had to wait until early May when some of the unit's "full lists" cleared up with other students not being accepted to that school or transferring their scholarships from that unit to another...
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    NROTC question

    Work HARD on your NROTC scholarship!!! CHECK YOUR SPELLING. Perhaps, get another set of eyes to review before you submit. There are plenty of postings on this forum to give you pointers to submit a good application. Do your school search. Prioritize, 1 through 5, your schools on...
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    Realistic test scores needed

    Keep working on those SAT scores! Get a tutor, if you can. I would say between 1200 and 1300 would get your application attention. Never give up! Courage, Honor, Commitment!!!
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    Declining Scholarship and re-applying

    I know exactly the tension you feel. Has your son contacted the recruiter at his #1 school? Letting the recruiter know how much he wants to attend that school may be of help. Also, ask the recruiter at his #1 school about the track record of college programmers in that school getting a 3...
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    ROTC for a noob.

    There are MANY helpful threads about ROTC on this forum. Take the time to read them. Keep asking questions within those threads or PM members who you feel might be especially helpful. Be aware that the minimum SAT scores posted on the NROTC application site are minimal. The class of 2012...
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    ROTC and college sports.

    NHUSNAhopeful: I am so glad I learned something or two in the last year and a half and am able to help others, as others helped us, especially on this forum!
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    Rotc dodmerb

    I told you to hang in there! Congratulations!!:thumb::thumb::thumb: Enjoy the summer, get in shape, look forward to a wonderful journey!
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    ROTC and college sports.

    It also may depend upon your major and how time consuming that is. Your best bet is to speak with the recruiter at each of the universities that you are considering and see how well they think a interscholastic sport will fit with ROTC.
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    ROTC Scholarship

    And, your son has chosen a very good school and NROTC unit in RPI! My son had a great experience with NROTC this past year. And, this morning, he left for his month of CORTRAMID! At the airport, he met other Mids going to Norfolk, some from his own unit and some from other units. It...
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    Rotc dodmerb

    I understand. My son felt the same way about the school he wanted to go to--if he couldn't transfer the scholarship, he would go as a college programmer. Hang in there. My son was originally told that a transfer might night take place until mid-June. (He was told that in early April.)...
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    Rotc dodmerb

    DODMERB is a military thing; nothing to do with the actual college. Your DODMERB qualification, I believe, is good for two years. Have you asked for a transfer of your scholarship to GWU?
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    ROTC Scholarship

    RPI gives a room and board scholarship to ROTC scholars.
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    Presentation of ROTC Scholarship?

    I think things vary from school to school and NROTC recruiter to NROTC recruiter. Not only is this a bigger scholarship than most, but it really is a message to the community about the person receiving it. The recipient has a commitment to serve his/her country in a very important...
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    Lone NROTC Midshipman

    He has made a decision--that is a good sign of leadership! Hopefully, he will make great friends at both his college and the unit he is assigned to! Best of luck to your son!