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    how much pt will we be expected to do? I'm not in horrible shape but also don't want to embarrass myself...
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    summer vacation O_o

    what exactly is the difference between summer cruise and professional training?
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    will we swim for sure at the CVW though?
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    USNA- NAPS football

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    broken hand

    So i was deemed medically Qed in September for usna. Tonight I broke 2 bones in my hand. We're waiting to hear about surgery (If I need it) What will I need to do to keep my qualified status?
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    cfa, kinda freaking out

    last post on this i promise. so long story short the run is now 8:30. I must have failed now, correct?? arg I know I dropped the ball big time on the run.
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    cfa, kinda freaking out

    qwerty you were right... bball throw: 92' Shuttle: maxed out with 6.8 pull ups: 4 sit ups: 73 push ups: 59 mile: 8:00 (I know, I know pretty bad) Again, I am 6' 4" 260 as measured by dodmerb (now 245) so i dont know if that will help or hurt. so did i pass?
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    cfa, kinda freaking out

    Thanks a lot for the help. I'm thinking ill take it next week and again in February.
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    cfa, kinda freaking out

    So I have everything done as far as the app goes to usna except the CFA. I even have a nom from Obama (before he resigned the seat) and my district rep. My only concern left with the app is doing well on the CFA. First, it would help to mention at the DODMERB physical i was 6' 4" and 260 lbs and...
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    so did you get kirk's nom??

    so did you get kirk's nom??
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    The Visit...

    I'm a candidate for 2013 and I'll be visiting in the next few weeks. I know they have regularly scheduled tours and admissions briefings, but do I need to call ahead to make sure they know I'm coming??? Thanks!
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    bad eyes

    Thanks! I appreciate the help.
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    bad eyes

    I was reading the list of DQ's and eyes with a refractive error greater then soemthing like -2.75 is what seems an automatic DQ. My eyes are bad, i believe something like a -4.75 refractive error. I play football and wrestle perfectly ok with contacts, my question is do i have any chance at...
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    skin stuff...

    I was hoping MullenLE could help me out with this or anyone else for that matter... I scheduled my physical and was filling out the required paperwork and skin diseases came up. Just this past year I caught type one herpes (type 2 is the STD type) from wrestling. For those of you who aren't...