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  1. Mikil

    Advantages and Disadvantages of being ICs

    Or it could just be that my OIC never knew or informed us of this possibility. I only know that even with LOS, we couldn't schedule practice until after 1630 due to some having 7th period. Sorry for hijaking your thread!
  2. Mikil

    Electronics for Fourth-Class Cadets

    Smartphones weren't as much an issue when I was a freshman, so there were no rules then. The only ones I've heard more recently apply more to using Facebook, music, and movies (depending on a the squadron) then data usage, and I think the rules apply whether on a computer or phone. Also, the...
  3. Mikil

    Advantages and Disadvantages of being ICs

    I realize that this thread is about IC's, but I just wanted to input that LOS does not really do anything to one's schedule for 7th period. It only guarantees you don't have to go to scheduled activities (intramurals, training sessions) from about 1630 until ACQ (1950). Or at least that's been...
  4. Mikil

    Rated vs Non-rated Academy Commissioning

    I definitely have some friends in the class of 2013 who got Development Engineer as their AFSCs (jobs) right out of the academy, so the answer to your first question is yes. Unfortunately I can't answer your follow up, but hopefully someone with more knowledge in that get back to you quickly.
  5. Mikil

    monthly stipend questions

    Oddly enough, we've already received our base assignments, they released them on the last day of classes last semester. Still, 100s night weekend is gonna rock.
  6. Mikil

    Summer Seminar

    Also, as another cadre for SS, I've found/made the time to take my element to the Visitor Center for a short time.
  7. Mikil

    I've always wondered ...

    This year it was kids ages 7-10.
  8. Mikil

    Summer Seminar

    I can't speak to who the cadre were for SS last year, but I know this year about 90% of us are all volunteers, and looking forward to everyone coming out, so hopefully they'll have a better experience this year. It's actually nice to hear about last I can learn from your experience...
  9. Mikil

    Specifications for 2015 Class Computers AND Email Addresses

    It's interesting thought that they're switching from Fujitsu, which the past three classes have had.
  10. Mikil

    Specifications for 2015 Class Computers AND Email Addresses

    Probably not, considering VOIP is prohibited according to the Cadet Sight Picture (essentially the Academy rule book).
  11. Mikil


    Not too sure I would agree about the majority of freshman testing into Calc II. At least, in my squadron I'd say out of our 30-ish freshmen, 2 tested in to Calc III, a handful into Calc II, and the majority into Calc I or lower. But, in any case, taking some more math if at all possible...
  12. Mikil

    USAFA potential Government Shutdown

    ^^ That's what it sounds like, so far. Military instructors will pick up classes taught by civilians and things should proceed as normal (for the most part). Mitch's will still serve food. :)
  13. Mikil

    What are the intramural sports choices?

    For some sports, yes. Such as flag-football, rugby, and boxing (those last two are only offered to the guys). I'm pretty sure everything else is co-ed.
  14. Mikil

    Humor in Uniform

    Freshman year a large group from my squadron went to visit our sponsor base down at Little Rock AFB. As it was before Recognition, and we were out on squadron trip, our AOC required us 4 digs to stay in a uniform, but allowed us to wear Blues with A-Jackets while in town instead of Service...
  15. Mikil

    What are the intramural sports choices?

    True. It's only for guys though, hence why I forgot about it.
  16. Mikil

    What are the intramural sports choices?

    The answer depends on the semester. Right now we have soccer, xc, softball, flickerball, handball, and basketball. In past years we've had racquetball instead of basketball, but they changed it this year. In the fall, iirc, flag football, rugby, ultimate frisbee, tennis, basketball, and...
  17. Mikil

    Questions for a Freshman Cadet

    Now if that older sibling was basic's quite possible. One of the girls in my squad had a sister who was a junior working 2nd BCT, and she would check-up on her every so often. She didn't really get singled out for extra attention, but I have heard of it happening, although all in...
  18. Mikil

    Lawsuit filed against USAFA Superintendent

    As do I. I would really like to know how the plaintiffs in the case were coerced, because the only information the cadet's received was a simple email inviting us to the event, which seemed to me to be more from the AOG than the command structure of USAFA itself. Nobody announce it from the...
  19. Mikil

    Cadet Life questions?

    How hard life is as a 4-dig (four degree, fourth class cadet, freshman, doolie...we don't call them Plebes here) depends largely on the squadron they are placed in, which is random. However, there are a few things that are required Wing Wide, to include running on the strips (marble pathways on...
  20. Mikil

    Snowboard or Skis

    I'd agree with renting from the Rec Center. Their prices are very reasonable, and they keep your gear in good shape for free. As a freshmen I rented a snowboard, and then bought my own this past year. Also, the Liberty Pass (Keystone/A.Basin) was $195 when I bought it this year. I think it...