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    Candidate Updates

    I am a freshman in a liberal arts college right now and was guaranteed an offer of appointment two weeks ago. I had a similar issue with my college transcript, it was not showing up on the candidate information page. I had to go to Annapolis to meet with a coach and hand delivered a copy of my...
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    letter of assurance

    Is a letter of assurance different than being notified that you are academically eligible? I received my LOA last week and my only outstanding item was my medical exam and I was cleared as qualified today. Should my appointment be coming soon?
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    LOA Hi, I received an LOA last week and the only thing I am waiting on is a medical remedial. The medical remedial is about a suspicious mole I had removed from my back in 2002, a rather flippant thing to be holding me up. Does this look like my offer of appointment is coming soon?