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    CVW - April 2011

    Just e-mailed them. I know, it seems kind of wierd to burdon a Mid with a drag this weekend coming up. Finals come up right after this coming weekend. I'm not totally up on NCAA rules, except for that I know offers cannot be made until after around July. But, I guess with an SA, things...
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    CVW - April 2011

    My daughter (HS Junior) just received the following e-mail: “Thank you for your interest in attending the United States Naval Academy Summer Seminar. We regret that we are unable to offer you an invitation to this year’s program, and yet want to assure you that attendance at Summer Seminar...
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    Hell-o Night

    Well, to begin with, it would be nice if someone spelled HELLO correctly. Hell - O would imply that the night would somehow resemble being in Hell. How could that be? Why would things suddenly become "hellish" after such a relaxing 7 week vacation at Resort Annapolis? My guess is that the...
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    Bags on I-Day

    You should still bring a smal bag to hold your cell phone for when they give them back to make your calls home.
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    Parent's Weekend Issue

    Ok, here is something to keep in mind; plebes are around 17 or 18 years old. Parents are, well ….. much older. We are boring! My son is the most caring, loving, and respectful son anyone can know; and would never, ever hurt us by telling my wife and I that we are boring. As a matter of fact...
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    PPW uniforms

    What do the plebe's wear during their PPW liberty? Their I-Day uniforms, or do they graduate to somehing different by then?
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    N company 25 platoon

    My son is in N / 26. His name is Mike (Long Islander).
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    Be sure your signed up for I-DAY PICNIC!

    I decided to go for it with the picnic ($17 x 4) is not too bad, and very convenient. OMG, the $17 x 4 is so wierd. Kinda sad - up until now it has always been 5 of us - starting 7/1, it going to be 4. I can see they extended the deadline to 6/23, however I can't get to the picnic...
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    Be sure your signed up for I-DAY PICNIC!

    If it doesn't warm us soon, we will be cold and tired parents !!!
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    Be sure your signed up for I-DAY PICNIC!

    So, is it safe to say that you can still participate in all other aspects of the picnic without registering and paying for the food? Since my son has to be in for 9AM, I figure we will drop him off, leave, go back to the hotel /eat lunch near the mall, and come back to the yard a bit after...
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    Company lists are out

    The facebook link leads back to your home page.
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    Pre-Iday Ideas

    Cheeseburger in Paradise 8026 Ritchie Highway, Suite B Pasadena, MD 21122 Phone: 410-761-1003 Not far from The Yard. MMMM - Luv the fried pickles !!!
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    Pre-Iday Ideas

    How about Ocean City, MD. We are vacationing there AFTER I day - ouch, sore point with the plebe-to-be!!!
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    2013 Computers

    Hmmmm. No TV card?
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    USNA home page

    So much for go Navy beat Army !!!
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    USNA home page

    Keep refreshing on the USNA home page. More pictures than usual. It's "bubbling over" with pride!!! GO NAVY !!!
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    Interesting article outlining the neccessity of developing pilots in the military

    Correction - this is an editorial, not an article. It does however make a lot of sense.
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    Interesting article outlining the neccessity of developing pilots in the military
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    Questions about vaccination portion of USNA PTR package

    Situation: The immunization record must be sent to the USNA Naval Health Clinic by 5/15/09. This is mandated as per the form and booklet. Only a heath care provide can call the number listed on the form, and our family doctor / office staff is too busy to spend time trying to get through...
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    Permit to Report!!

    My son's PTR came today. It looks like an enourmous amout of stuff to fill out. Considering he has 6 AP exams to prepare for, I think he will be getting use to doing more with less free time and sleep well before 7/1. I don't think this is a good time to play the "let him do it himself and...