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    Thank you

    Congrats Trackgirl, its been quite the process huh lol. Your hard work payed off!
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    Failed CFA???

    @BSCAR B.B. throw : 60 ft Pull-ups: 17 Shuttle:8.77 Sit-ups: 58 Push-ups: 52 Mile: 8 min 18 sec my RC said the mile time was the problem
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    Failed CFA???

    Oh I see. Thanks for the answer
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    Failed CFA???

    On my usma candidate Caden's portal I have green check marks on my cfa portion by apparently I failed the cfa according to my RC. Wouldn't the CFA mark be a red X if I didn't pass? My RC said I would not be getting a waiver because I failed my cfa. Any input would be nice. Thanks
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    Stand By for Regional Commander...

    Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I was DQed by DODMERB on feb 22nd and my portal has said "stand by for regional commander to determine if USMA will request a waiver". I was just wondering if anyone knows how long it will take for the RC to decide whether or not I will get a waiver...
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    Vision waiver

    HI Blueman. If you dont mind me asking, did DD/relative get requested for a waiver or did she just appeal the DQ?
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    I'm not sure but I think cocaine reliance is a DQ. Maybe you can get a waiver for it.
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    I am Medically Disqualified.

    I asked Mr. Mullen. I hope I'm not too much of a bother to him as I emailed him quite a lot in the past months. I will contact dodmerb tomorrow.
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    Waiver Granted- what are the chances?

    I don't think the academy is required to unless it's a p nomination however they tend to try to get one from each MOC I believe
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    Application question? What is considered complete?

    I think it is. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but from my experience WP is not to fond of cadets doing things last minute while they had an entire year to apply. I think you will still be able to complete it after the 28th deadline however
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    I am Medically Disqualified.

    RIP. Never mind, just got my Dodmerb response today. Got the myopia DQ. I'll let you guys know how things go for those who are interested
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    CFA pass?

    I'm a male by the way
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    CFA pass?

    Hello all. Do you think my scores are passing? B.B. throw : 60 ft Pull-ups: 17 Shuttle:8.77 Sit-ups: 58 Push-ups: 52 Mile: 8 min 18 sec... I would think my mile time is putting me at risk Thanks for your time
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    Who is my RD?

    Hi everyone. I got a nomination to USMA and from the FAQ in the Nomination section of the forum it seems that my RD also has information on whether I received a principle nomination or not. I was just wondering who my RD was. Is RD the same thing as my regional commander? I live in the North...
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    CFA minimums...

    I hear there are no published minimums, however I would just like to know if anyone knows the general area of the minimums. Thanks
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    CFA retake question

    Hi everyone. I scheduled my CFA for this Monday. I was wondering how fast I could take it again because I know for a fact that I can make improvements within a week. Is it as simple as re emailing my PE teacher the CFA request on my portal? And does anyone know how fast it takes to see if a CFA...
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    CFA help!

    So far I am double qualified and have a nom. All thats left is cfa
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    CFA help!

    I have not done it yet
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    CFA help!

    Hi everyone. Feb 28 is coming soon and I just can't seem to be getting better with my CFA scores. The things I'm having trouble with is the push-ups and sit-ups. Can do 40 max push-ups and 45 sit-ups currently at my maximum in be 2 minute time span. Does anyone have any tips? Tomorrow I'm going...
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    500 USMA Appointments Mailed Out Today

    @CA_hopefulmom I like that