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    Over Qualified for NAPS?

    Over qualified USNA 2015 I sent you a PM
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    Army/Navy Game

    I think last year's Army/Navy t-shirt sold at the Midstore says it all: "Always Brothers, Just Not Today" These kids may go to different academies and play for different teams, but they are all in this together. Go Navy! Beat Army! Proud Mom of a 2013 Mid
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    sponsor families question

    Sponsor Families The Plebes usually meet their sponsor families the Sunday before PPW. At least that's what happened last year. My son had his last phone call home that Monday and told me his sponsor family was awesome. His sponsor mom then called me on Tuesday to introduce herself to me...
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    Plebes and Annapolis Mall

    Cash is always the best bet. My son opened his NFCU account when he got his report package and got a debit card as well. On I-Day, I deposited checks and cash that he had received as graduation gifts. He recently applied and received a credit card which comes in handy so he can purchase train...
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    Plebes and Annapolis Mall

    There's a bus that my son and his roommates have taken to the mall.
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    Herndon 2010

    I'll be there. 14 days to go. Cannot wait
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    ACT Scores

    Send the ACT scores since they did improve. Every little bit helps.
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    Appointment Math

    Go to; go to the Admissions Link and click on Portrait for the Class of 2013.
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    Just to be clear. My son thought he was going to do an extra year through the Foundation but he didn't have to because he was offered an appointment instead for the Class of 2013. So my advice is don't turn down the Foundation because you never know you might get the appointment instead. We...
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    My son was offered the Foundation last year. He also had a NROTC Scholarship to Villanova University. He was willing to give up the ROTC Scholarship and put in an extra year to achieve his dream, a dream he has had since he was 8 years old. Paperwork was sent in, we went to look at Valley...
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    Overnight visits?

    Yes USNA does offer Candidates Visit Weekends (CVW). I believe they start in November. My son received his invitation I believe the end of December 2008 or early January 2009. He received his appointment in February 2009. He did his overnight in March because that weekend worked best for him...
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    How Much Time Should We Allow to Get to The Yard on I Day

    My son has an 8 am report time. We are staying about 3 miles away at the Doubletree. I think I am going to drive to the stadium and then take the shuttle over. This way my car is there and I can get on the road back to NJ right after the swearing in. What is a good time to leave the hotel...
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    N company 25 platoon

    My son, Kevin, is in C Company 5 Platoon
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    Army/Navy Tickets

    How do I join listserv?
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    Army/Navy Tickets

    I sent in my order as a plebe parent for the 4 Army/Navy Tickets we can purchase. The check was cashed. Is it safe to assume that I got the tickets?
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    Declining Scholarship

    My son received a NROTC Scholarship for Villanova University. He received an appointment to USNA. He notified Villanova and NROTC that he was declining the scholarship to attend the Naval Academy.
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    Permit to Report!!

    My son's report time is 8 AM from NJ
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    I-day and hotel reservations

    Driving from NJ the night before. Staying at the Doubletree. They offer a discount to USNA Parents; but you have to make the reservation over the phone since this is not a choice on the internet. Also made a 2 night reservation for August 7 & 8 thinking this might be PPW; can always cancel.
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    April is a great month!

    what does TWE stand for?