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    waivers for anxiety nos

    DD had a similar diagnosis with no history of meds or further issues. She received a remedial asking her to secure a current diagnosis. The doc at mental health gave her rave reviews and afterwards she was qualified. So just be prepared to receive a remedial to follow up with your doctor.
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    ROTC scholarship

    Campbell University in NC is an excellent school. They currently offer an ROTC Presidential Scholarship that covers room & board for students with Army ROTC scholarships. If you get a 4-yr AROTC scholarship, you'll get a "full ride". Your stats look good but you didn't mention your SAT or ACT...
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    Room and Board

    Campbell University in NC offers a room & board scholarship to students with AROTC scholarship. The university only has Army ROTC at this time.
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    NROTC - Waiting??

    My DD's portal was also updated to 4-year NROTC scholarship today. She was placed at her #1 choice. After checking her portal after every board since last fall only to find "no decision", today's news was thrilling to say the least! Time to have a relaxing weekend!
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    NROTC - Waiting??

    Still waiting, no decision....
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    Any NROTC result out?

    DD's app was also complete in the fall, still "no decision" ....and so we wait for the final results, hopefully next week.
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    NROTC Final Boards

    DS (and parents!) patiently waiting for the results of the final board and holding out on enrollment deposits for the schools listed on her NROTC application. Do the final results ever come out after the May 1 deposit deadline? I've been checking this board frequently and really appreciate all...
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    Wait list: Is this good? Possible Appointment Available Later?

    My DD was also wait listed. Keeping fingers crossed while holding onto Plan B's enrollment deposit for a few more weeks. Good luck to everyone!
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    3 year AROTC Winner - question

    My DD received a 3YR AROTC to an expensive private school on the 2nd board last year. Sometime between the 2nd & 3rd boards, she noticed that her portal listed her accepted college and 4YR scholarship. A few days later she received a letter from CC congratulating her on receiving a 4YR...
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    Upgrade posted to portal

    Last year my daughter received an AROTC 3AD scholarship on the the 2nd board. A couple of weeks before the final board met, she logged onto her portal to show a classmate, who had also applied, what the page would say if she was selected. To my daughter's surprise, her portal gave the name of...